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A motivational Art Journal

In the Spotlight - Art Journal - TPC Magazine

Jorunn makes some of the most amazing Art Journal pages. The page we are showing you in TPC Magazine today is no exception. Here you find motivational words, vibrant colours and amazing details in an Artsy style! 

Type of Project: Art Journal
Occasion: Made during a Live Broadcast on “Boblende Kreativitet” (A Facebook Group)
Style: Mixed Media
Techniques used: Finger painting, Stenciling
Decoration: Stamp, sequins, Die Cuts and Words
Main Colours: Yellow, Orange, Red and Green
Medium used: Gesso, paint and Gel Matte medium
Equipment used: Stencil and sponge

Art Journal made by Jorunn Andreassen in TPC Magazine

Can you describe your project? 
An Art Journaling made on craft paper.

How is the project made?
I always start my Art Journaling with applying Gesso – this is when I am not making it on aquarelle paper. Afterwards I began with the first coat, it might not be visible in the end, but it gets you started. This way I was able to make myself some bases and I applied paint around the washi and the tissue paper which was the first coat. In order to make the transition between the paper and the paint look good I did use a stencil on top of it. Then I started to make some fine lines with Posca pen and by doing this I highlight some of the print I made using the stencil. I then attached a flower on top of it using 3D tape and a stapler. I often use a stapler as it gives a rougher expression on my Art Journals. The last thing I did was to add some words and a couple of die cuts.


Size of the project? 
This is a page from one of Studio Light’s Art Journal books – “Jeanine” 6×6 inch.

What materials did you use?
Washi Tape from 49 and Market, Dina Wakley tissue paper, Dina Wakley paint, stencil fra Aall and Create, words from Studio Light and Posca pen.

How much time did it take to make this?
I always make several projects at the same time, but this one I made in a couple of hours during a live broadcast.

What inspired you to make this?
I have recently returned to my hobby after a year with a lot of health issues – which made me wonder if I would ever be able to be creative again. I made this on my first live broadcast after being absent and I was met with so much love and encourgement. This page was created as a result of that.

Where can we find more of your projects? 
Here is my You Tube channel: Jorunn Langås Andreassen
Instagram: Jorunns fristed
And my Facebook page Jorunn Andreassen