An unique chance to inspire others and develop your own creativity

A unique chance - writing for TPC Magazine

TPC Magazine is looking for papercrafters who would like to have a unique chance to inspire others to start with, or to develop their, cardmaking, scrapbooking and other papercrafting. In TPC Magazine we are a group of dedicated papercrafters who work voluntarily to enhance the interest in our beloved hobby.

We would love to have designers and writers from all over the world in our team. We have just two requirements – you must write about papercrafting and you must write it in English. We will teach you how to publish your articles using WordPress, and you will be part of a team of our Editorial Team which today consists of fourteen papercrafters from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and US. Our Editorial Team has run TPC Magazine – Scandinavia since 2014 and we have long experience with online publishing.

Being a designer for TPC Magazine is a unique possibility to develop your interest in paper crafting further and help other discover the endless possibilites in our hobby. The designers/writers write two articles about papercrafting a month and the subject of the articles are entirely up to you. But of course – if you do run out of ideas we are here for you.

Are you interested or would you like to know more? Feel free to send us an e-mail: editor@thepapercrafting.com

Featured image: janeb13, Pixabay
Pixabay License