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You will find everything you need to know about paper crafting in “Papercraft from A to Z”. Ever wondered what a bendi fold card or bokeh is? Or what kind of equipment Becky Higgins manufactures? You will find the answers in our second article in this series when we focus on everything in papercraft starting with the letter B.


The background of a card or a layout is the first layer on top of the card/layout base. The background is behind the images and decorative elements.

Background Stamp

A stamp with an image suitable for making a background. Mostly used in cardmaking.


A long strip with paper pennants attached to a string. Paper crafters make banners for birthday parties, baby showers and other celebrations.


A popular type of thin cardstock used in cardmaking, scrapbooking and other papercrafts. Bazzill is manufactured in several different patterns and colours.

Bendi Fold Card

A card where two flaps on the front of the card is curved vertically: Bendi Fold Cards

Big Bow Card

A card folded like a big bow: Big Bow Cards Also called Bow Card


A machine which punches holes in, and binds pages into a book or folder.

Birthday Calendar

A calendar displaying the birthdays of friends and family. Paper crafters make birthday calendars bort for their own use and as gifts.


A technique used for making soft transitions between colours made with ink or paint.

Blending Solution

Also called clear blender. A solution used for blending alcohol ink.


Glitzy small decorative pieces with a diamond look. Used for decorating cards, layouts and other papercrafts.

Blintz Fold Card

Named after a pancake where the four corners is folded to protect the filling. Also known as cushion fold in Japan and used in origami: Blintz Fold Card

Block Card

A card folded and cut in such a way that is looks like it has blocks at the inside: Block Card
Also called Building Block Card.


Blog Candy

A kind of lottery hosted by a blogger. You can participate in the draw by commenting on the photo of the prize (candy).


Informal, unconventional artistic style. See also: Art Nouveau

Bohemian Card Fold

A card which is cut and folded so that the front of the card is standing out from the base like a separate panel: Bohemian Card Fold


A technique which refers to something being blurred or out of focus. This can be the background or the foreground or both on a for example a card.


A tool for creasing paper in order to create a sharp fold.

Book Binding

Binding pages together in order to form a book. In paper crafting often done by using Bind-it-All.

Book Box

A box which look like a book and has a room in it. You can either hollow out a book or make a book box from scratch.

Book Card

A book card is made to look like a book. There are different ways to make a book card: Book Card Ideas

Book Folding

In paper craft book folding is to fold the pages of a book into a shape or pattern for decorative purposes: Book Folding

Book Mark

A mark or tag used for marking how far you have read in a book. Many paper crafters makes book marks both for themselves and as small gifts.

Book of Me (BOM)

A book or album which is a presentation of yourself by text and images.

Book Page

Book pages, especially from old books, are often used for decorating cards and layouts in a vintage style.


A border is a decorative strip used on cards, layouts and other paper projects. Borders are often made of paper by using a border die or punch.

Bottle Box

A box made for storing a bottle.

Bottle Card

Card which is shaped like a bottle. Also describing cards or tags which can be attached to a bottle.


Bows are often used for decorating paper projects. Bows can be made of both paper and fabric. Bows made of paper can be cut out by using special bow punches or dies.

Box Card

A box card looks like an open box with something sticking up out of it, often this is paper flowers or figures. A box card can be folded flat for easier shipping: Box Card Ideas

Bracket Cut

Paper cut so it resembles brackets. This can be done by using scissors, punch or metal dies.


A nail with a head and two spikes which can be split. In paper crafting mostly used for decorative purposes.

Braided Paper

Paper which is braided so it forms a decorative strip to use on cards, book marks etc.


A tool with a handle and a rubber roller. Used for spreading ink.


Pigment paint powder to be mixed with water and used as water colour.

Buckle Card

A card which is cut and folded so it has a belt and a buckle on the front: Buckle Card Ideas

Bullet Journal

A planner with blank pages with dots (bullets) for making your own calendar, notes and to-do-lists. Also called Dot Journal.


Buttons are used for decorative purposes on cards, layouts, tags and other paper projects.

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