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Wrapping and boxing chocolate – where can I find tutorials and templates?

Chocolate bars from Norway

Pretty wrapping of chocolate is always a big success as a small gift. I often get questions about the measurements for different chocolates and ideas for making boxes and baskets for them. This article summaries some chocolate types and gives you some ideas for wrapping for Christmas. I am based in Norway, so most of the chocolates given here, are Norwegian chocolates. You will still be able to find some international chocolates and also ideas and link ti templates for general boxes and baskets, that you can use for any chocolates.

Inch or centimeter?

Some templates are given in inch, and others in cm. This is mainly a cultural ting. US, and UK based countries often use Inch, while Europe in general often use cm.  One inch is 2,54cm. Using inch, is all about working with fractions all the time, while centimeters works with desimals. I guess this all comes down to what you are used to use. I know a lot of people struggles with working with inch, mainly because they struggle with calculating and understanding fractions. My advice for you, is to stick to either inch or cm, thorough your project, and don´t mix them. You will often find tutorials and templates in both inch and cm if you look around.

One inch can be divided in  2, 4, 8 or 16 parts. You first give the hole number of inches, and then the fraction left, for instance 2 3/4″. The quotation marks at the end, shows that this is measured in inch. You can find an online inch to cm and cm to inch converter under, if this is needed.

Konverterer fra cm til inch og fra inch til cm.


Chocolate measurements: Length:: 29 cm (11 7/16″), Width: 7,5cm (3″), Height: 1,3 cm (1/2″)

Marianne´s tutorial on envelopebox (Freia 200g)
Ann Kristin template for envelope box (200g Freia)
Gunn-Eirill´s template on envelope card – StampArtic (200g Freia)
Sara´s tutorial on envelope box (Marabou)

Kvikk lunsj

Kvikk lunsj is the ultimate Norwegian chocolate to bring out for a snack on the trip in the forest or when you go skiing. It´s a chocolate with biscuit, a bit like Kit Kat. These has been very popular to put in cards in Norway.

Chocolate measurements: Length:; 12 cm (4 3/4″, Width; 7 cm ( 2 5/8″), Height: 1,4 cm (1/2″)

Tine´s Kvikkluns card (Kreativ Scrapping)
Lines´s Kvikk lunsj card
Anita´s Kvikk Lunsj box (barnemix)
Kirsten´s backpack with Kvikk Lunsj

After Eight (small box)

There are several templates for After Eight boxes and wrapping online. You can find boxes, dispensers and just a paper wrapping around the box. You can find templates for boxed for the entire box of After Eight, or few flakes of After Eight.

Chocolate measurements: Length: 10,3 cm (4″), Width; 6 cm (2 5/8″), Height; 6 cm (2 5/8″).

Sally has made small envelopes with After Eight chocolate in each envelope.

I also found these really sweet mini boxes for a few flakes of After Eight.

Here, are few other boxes and dispensers for After Eight chocolate

Joanna´s small After Eight boxes
Helen´s After Eight box
Scraphorse´s After Eight dispenser
Nettrollet´s After Eight dispenser


Toffifee is the wonderful chocolate with caramel and a little nut in the center. These are popular gifts. You can get Toffifee in different sizes, but here, I hva used the regular size.

Chocolate measurements: Length: 17,4 cm (6 7/8″), Width: 10,8 cm (4 2/8″), Height: 2cm (7/8″)

For you, who like a video, I have found a tutorial with WRMK’s Punch Board:

Randi Thorsen´s envelope card for Toffifee
Kirsten ´s Toffifee box
Jeanette´s cover for Toffifee
Elisabeth´s cover for Toffifee (Published ini Ett Trykk 02.2003)


Freia milkhearts

These are popular in Norwau. There are several tutorials for these boxes.

Chocolate measurements: Length:: 14,3 cm (5 5/8″), Width; 13,5 cm (5 5/16″), Height: 3,2 cm (1 1/4″)

Marianne´s box for Freia Melkehjerter.
Irene´s box for Freia Melkehjerter.
Trine´s box for Freia melkehjerter
Randi´s wrapping of Freia melkehjerter


Sjokoklem is a round chocolate Biscuit. This is super sweet to give in a card.

Kirsten´s template for a card with a chocolate biscuit

Kinder egg

Kinder egg is probably one of the wordls most popular chocolates for kids in all ages. You can get the chocolate in different shapes and forms. In the video under, you can see a fun explosion box with kinder egg chocolate.

You may use the chocolate bars like Helle has done here.

Helle´s dispenser for kinder egg chocolate

Or, you may also use the egg itself, and make a box for the egg.

Kirsten´s Kinder egg box

Orange Chocolate (Freia eller Terry’s)

Orange chocolate is often a more Easter chocolate. Here is a box for one of these balls of chocolate.

Kirsten´s box for a chocolate orange


Twist is a typical Norwegian chocolate. It´s a bag of smaller chocolates with a various number og tastes. Very often, these are beeing devide up in boxed and baskets, but you can also wrap the entire bag of twist.

Lenes wrapping of a bag of twist (StampArtics)

Other baskets and boxes for chocolate

I you don’t want to use the existing box to wrap chocolate, you can always make a box or a basket for it. The first basket is origami, and quite simple to make.

The other box, is more complex, but still fun to make.

Here are some other examples on baskets and boxes for chocolate

Wenche´s basket (Et trykk April 2013)
Kirsten´s small basket
Kirsten´s mug
Sam´s Napkin fold box
Kirsten´s hear box (Ett trykk, februar 2016)
Janhild´s basket (StampArtic)
Kirsten´s oval box
Helle´s box with room fr a treat
Kirsten´s Christmas tree box

Good luck with your Christmas projects.