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You will find everything you need to know about paper crafting in “Papercraft from A to Z”. Ever wondered what a Easy Pull up Card is? Or how to do a emboss resist? You will find the answers in our fifth article in this series when we focus on everything in papercraft starting with the letter E.

Easel Card

A card which is folded so the front of the card can stand up like an easel: Easel Cards There is also a double version which you can see here: Double Easel Card

Easy Pull Up Card

Easy Pull Up Card is a card with four concertina strips which folds out when you pull up the card: Easy Pull Up Card Also called Pop Up Concertina Card.


A hybrid style where elements from different other styles are mixed together.


Elegance is a style where white is mixed with metallic colours like gold, silver and copper. This is a style which is often used for wedding projects.


Embellishments are decorative elements added to card, layout or other paper project.

Emboss Resist

The emboss resist technique is to heat emboss with white or clear embossing powder on white cardstock and then apply ink or watercolour. The embossing will resist the colour.


Embossing is to impress paper so images becomes three-dimensional. This can be done by dry or heat embossing or by using embossing paste.

Embossing Folder

An embossing folder is a folder with reliefs. You place a paper in the folder and run it through a cutting machine to get the embossed effect.

Embossing Paste

Embossing paste adds dimension. Often used together with stencils to make three dimensional images and patterns.

Embossing Powder

Embossing powder is powder which when heated melts and creates a raised image.

Envelope Art

Envelope which is decorated by drawing, stamping or other techniques. See examples here: Envelope Art

Envelope Punch Board

Envelope Punch Board is a punch board which makes envelopes.


Ephemera is a style where small items like tickets, old stickers, post stamps etc. are used for decorating paper projects.

Epoxy Dome

A plastic coating which can be used for covering small artwork.

Ett Trykk

A Norwegian cardmaking magazine running from 2005-2019.


An event is a creative meeting point for papercrafters.

Explosion Box

A box made of paper. Also called Exploding Box. When you pull up the lid the sides of the box will fold out making an explosion effect: Exploding Box


A small metal ring. In paper crafting mostly used for decorative purposes.

Eyelet Setter

A tool for fastening eyelets to paper or other materials.

EZ Mount

A mounting foam for unmounted rubberstamps. Rubberstamps mounted to EZ Mount can be used with acrylic blocks for stamping. Also called EZ Foam.

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Photo: Kirsten Grue Ulset, Gunn Olsen, Marit Pedersen, Betina Olslund