Review of Diamond Fold Cards

Diamond Fold Card - Review - TPC Magazine

One of the things that makes cardmaking so fun is all the folding techniques. There are so many of them that a cardmaker will have a hard time trying them all. That is why I am in a series of articles will review some of the most popular card folding techniques. Today I am reviewing a card folding technique called “Diamond Fold Card”.

The Pros

Diamond Fold Card has a front which resembles a diamond and it has a sort of luxury feel to it. The card is folded in such a way that the diamond sticks out of the card making it three-dimensional. Because of this the Diamond Fold Card is both interesting and unique.


A Diamond Fold Card has a design drawing attention to the diamond and the blank space at the right side of it. Having such a big surface makes the card easy to decorate.

Another advantage with this card is that it folds flat and therefore is easy to send by mail.

The Cons

I am not too happy about the diagonal cutting I had to do making a Diamond Fold Card. It is a minor problem though since it is mostly a matter of having the right technique.

Another disadvantage is that this type of card does not offer much room for greetings. I have written a greeting inside the card and I could have written more on the backside if I needed to. But I prefer keeping the backside of my cards blank.

The card tends to open itself unless it is secured. I had to use a ribbon to keep it closed. This problem could probably have been solved by putting it under some kind of pressure overnight. But there is a slight possibility that this would have ruined the three-dimensional look a bit.

When to make a Diamond Fold Card

Diamond Fold Cards are suitable for any occasion. The three-dimensional look makes it interesting for both children and adults. Still, if you have a lot on your mind I would go for a type of card with a little more room for your handwritten greetings.

Other’s Opinions

When I asked for other’s opinions on this card the first response was that is was an interesting card. They liked the three-dimensional look and was eager to open the card and have a look inside.



I have made an upright (vertical) diamond fold card for this review, but it is also possible to make a horisontal one. You find an example of such a card here: Daisy Delight Diamond Fold Card

Another possibility is to make a double Diamond Fold Card which you can see examples of here: Double Diamond Fold Cards The double version offers more space for greetings.


I really liked making the Diamond Fold Card. It was easy to make and I liked the way the diamond in the front stands out. I will probably make it again some day.

  • Design of this type of card: 4/5
  • Usefulness – room for greeting and how the card can be displayed: 3/5
  • Difficulty making this card (1 being most difficult): 4/5
  • WOW-effect: 3/5

Totally I give the Diamond Fold Card 4 out of 5 points.

With so many card folding techniques around it is almost impossible to know who did come up with this idea first. If you know who invented the Diamond Fold Card I will be happy to give credits.