Review of Four Step Cards

Four Step Card - Reveiw - TPC Magazine

One of the things that makes cardmaking so fun is all the folding techniques. There are so many of them that a cardmaker will have a hard time trying them all. That is why I am in a series of articles will review some of the most popular card folding techniques. Today I am reviewing a card folding technique called “Four Step Card”.

The Pros

Four Step Cards is usually not so special before you open them, but when you do you really get a surprise. This is because at the inside there are steps. As the name of the card says it is usually four steps, but if you need to you can make more. My card has six.

This type of card is really unique, and even though I search for and read about cardmaking every day on the internet I rarely come across Four Step Cards.

Another advantage with these type of cards is that it has a lot of space for your handwritten greetings.

Four Step Cards folds flat and is therefore easy to send by mail.


The Cons

This type of card can be challenging to make. I had to wrap my head around some math before getting the right measurements. When I did get it right it was a bit hard to cut out the stairs, and the design papers at the sides of the stairs.

It was also somewhat challenging for me to decorate the card. I was determined having the recipients name on the stairs, but otherwise I did not really know what to use. Since the design paper with the gaming theme was decorative enough I did decide to just add a few decorations.

Being a birthday card for a young boy I did not need to write so much at the inside.

When to make a Four Fold Card

Four Fold Cards can be made for any occasion. If you do make one for weddings or Valentines Day you might would have “LOVE” at the steps. If you make one for Christmas maybe you would go for “NOEL”.

Next time I make this kind of card I probably will try to add some more text and decorations around the steps. That is easier to do with Christmas Cards, I think.

Other’s Opinions

The ones I have shown the card to think it was cool with the steps at the inside. They were curious to know how it was made and one of them said she would like to have such a card for her birthday.

The only objection was that one of them thought the steps should have been turned the other way around.

The front of the Four Step Card


You can place the steps the other way around if you like that alternative better. Here is one example: Noel – Four Step Card

As an alternative to steps you can make cubes inside the card. Here is an example where the cubes are placed inside a horisontal card: Cube Step Pop Up Card


I did find making Four Step Cards a bit tricky and it took me almost four hours to complete. But it is the first time I did try to make one, and I guess it will be easier with more experience.

  • Design of this type of card: 3/5
  • Usefulness – room for greeting and how the card can be displayed: 4/5
  • Difficulty making this card (1 being most difficult): 2/5
  • WOW-effect: 4/5

Totally I give the Four Steps Card 3 out of 5 points.


Making the Four Step Card was a bit tricky

With so many card folding techniques around it is almost impossible to know who did come up with this idea first. If you know who invented the Four Step Card I will be happy to give credits.