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A fragrant treat in an Explosion Box

In the Spotlight - Explosion Box - TPC Magazine

I love the small explosion boxes as many paper crafters make. What you put inside the boxes differs – I have seen small figures, paper flowers and cakes made of paper. Here we show you an explosion box with a small treat – a delicious soap. Perfect gift from everyone who is into both papercrafting and soapmaking, and a perfect gift for anyone appreciating the thought and work behind handmade gifts. The beautiful box is made by Cesilie in Norway.

Type of project: Explosion Box
Occasion: Any
Style: Vintage
Techniques used: Folding
Decoration: Flowers and sticker on the lid. Cheese cloth at the inside.
Main color: Blue



I have used papers from a small block in 6×6″ from Lemoncraft. The box is made of a whole sheet and I have not done anything with the inside of the box. I have not even cut the corners so the box is more closed than explosion boxes usually are. This is because of the content – the small soap. I was thinking that the soap had to be put in a box in order to be a small gift.

The design on the sheet inside was decorative enough for me. The backside of the sheet (which became the front of the box) was monochromatic so there I decided to put some strips of paper from the same block of design paper from Lemoncraft.

I have not used cardstock since the box is so small that the design papers are steady enough (Lemoncraft has thick design papers). I was inspired to make this because I wanted to a small and simple gift box which was easy to make. At the same time I was hoping to use some of all the small design papers I have, but I just managed to use three of them…

The technique is simple – I used scored the sheet on 2″ and 4″ using a scoreboard showing inches.

The decoration of the lid is also made simple since the box is so small. I have just used a sticker from Papirdesign and some paper flowers.

I have polished the edges of the lid a bit. This is because I like a rustic look. I have attached the soap to the bottom of the box with some cheese cloth, doily and glue dots.

It did not take so much time to make the box since it is both simple and small. The design papers have so much colour and pattern so there is not so much need to decorate the box.