Papercraft from A to Z: I

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You will find everything you need to know about paper crafting in “Papercraft from A to Z”. Ever wondered what Ink Smooshing is? Or what you mean by “invisible lines”? You will find the answers in our ninth article in this series when we focus on everything in papercraft starting with the letter I.


A metric unit measuring length.


A colored solution which in papercrafting is used for stamping and coloring.

Ink Blending

Mixing together two or more inks.

Ink Lifting

To lift away color made with ink.

Ink Smooshing

To mix inks on a smooth surface as acetat or glas. Then use water to blend the inks together before pressing paper onto the surface. Use the paper as background on cards or other paper projects.

Ink Spray

Spray with ink manufactured by Dylusions. Can be used on paper, wood, canvas etc.

Ink Spray Pad

A pad which can be used with Ink Spray. Makes it possible to stamp with the color of the spray.

Inka Gold

Creamy Paint with metallic finish.


Fushion Ink which reacts with water. Can be used for many different techniques.

Inlaid Die Cutting

A technique where you do not remove the excess when die cutting but use both the excess and the die cut as decorative elements.


The inside of a handmade card.

Interactive Card

A card with objects that moves – for example a Slider Card. See also: Animated Card.

Interlocking Card

An interlocking card is a card with parts that are fitted together. Usually used for describing Interlocking Gatefold Cards

Invisible Lines

A technique where you color stamped images in a way so the lines does not show.

Iris Folding

A way to fold colored strips of paper in a spiraled pattern.

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Photo: Kirsten Grue Ulset, Anethe Hellström, Marit Pedersen