Papercraft from A to Z: L

Papercraft from A to Z: L - Featured Image

You will find everything you need to know about paper crafting in “Papercraft from A to Z”. Ever wondered what a “kit” is? Or what you mean by knockout border punch? You will find the answers in our twelfth article in this series when we focus on everything in papercraft starting with the letter K.


Lace is a decorative fabric used for decorative purposes in cardmaking, scrapbooking and other papercrafting.

Layered Stamping

A technique where you are stamping on top of a previoulsy stamped image. For example by using a three stamp to create a forrest.


Often used to describe decorating a card or a layout in layers of design papers, cut outs etc.


When used in scrapbooking the term layout refers to a scrapbooking page.


Letterpress is to use embossing folders and ink to make relief prints.

Lift Ink

Lift Ink is clear ink designed for lifting alcohol ink.


Lifting is to copy a card or other paper project.

Light Box

A Light Box is used for photographing cards, layouts and other paper projects.

Liquid Pearls

A paint which can be used for making drops which looks like pearls when dry.

Lollipop Card

A card which has the shape of a Lollipop. See example here: Lollipop Card

Photo: Kirsten Grue Ulset, Marit Pedersen