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You will find everything you need to know about paper crafting in “Papercraft from A to Z”. Ever wondered what “Parchment Craft” is? Or what you mean by “Pivot Card”? You will find the answers in our sixteenth article in this series when we focus on everything in papercraft starting with the letter P.

Paper Clip Card

Paper Clip Cards are small cards with a paper clip which usually is attached on the top of the card.

Paper Craft

Paper Craft is a term for several different types of hobbies having paper as the main artistic medium. These hobbies are cardmaking, decoupage, origami, scrapbooking including Project Life, bullet journaling, art journaling, quilling etc.


PaperCrafter is a magazine about paper crafting. PaperCrafter is published in United Kingdom.

Paper Cuts

Annoying small cuts you can get from the sharp edges of paper. Usually on your hands.

Paper Cutter

Paper Cutters and trimmers cuts paper. Paper cutters are guillotine devices which “chops” paper with an exposed blade.

Paper Piecing

In paper craft paper piecing is to put together pieces of paper into a figure or shape.

Paper Project

A paper project is a crafting project having paper has its main artistic medium.

Paper Straw

Paper Straws are frequently used as decorations on paper projects like cards and layouts.

Paper Trimmer

A device that cuts paper by sliding a blade through it.

Paperbag Card

A paperbag card either has an actual paperbag as base or it is formed like a paperbag. See examples here: Paperbag Cards

Papercraft Essentials

Papercraft Essentials is a magazine about paper crafting. Papercraft Essentials is published in Britain.

Papercraft Inspirations

A british magazine about paper crafting.

Parchment Craft

The art of decorating parchment or vellum paper using coloring, embossing, perforating etc. Also called pergamano.


Thick substance used for making structure on paper projects. Often used together with stencils.

Pearl Ex

Powdered Pigment which makes a metallic or pearlescent effect.


Round embellishments with a flat backside.

Peek-a-Boo Card

A card with a motif that changes when the card is opened. See examples here: Peek-a-Boo Card

Perfect Pearls

Pigment Powder which gives a shimmery effect. Can be used wet or dry.


See Parchment Craft.

Permanent Ink

Permanent Inks lasts very long and are usually based on oil or alcohol. One of the most known permanent inks is Staz On.


A pen which measures PH value of for example paper. If the paper is acidic it is not suitable for using near photos.

Photo Collage

A collage of photos.

Photo Corners

Stickers shaped as corners to be used as adhesives for photos.

Photo Pockets

Sheets usually made of plastic with one or more pockets for placing photos.

Photo Sleeve Fuser

A device which uses heat to make seams in plastic. Useful for for example making your own photo pockets.

Pigment Ink

Thick Ink which needs long time to dry. Some of the most wellknown pigment inks are VersaColor, Versafine, Memories Pigment and Brilliance.

Pivot Accordion Card

Pivot Accordion Card is a card which is shaped and folds out like an accordion. See examples here: Pivot Accordion Card Also called Pivot Card

Pivot Card

See Pivot Accordion Card.


A journal with a daily calendar. A planner has premade calendar while a Bullet Journal is a journal where you make the calendar yourself.


A style in paper crafting. A card or a layout made in a playful style usually have a childish and/or humorously colorful theme.

Pocket Letter

Pocket Letter is a collection of small cards which is placed in photo pockets and sent by mail. Also called Pocket Mail.

Pocket Scrapbooking

See Project Life.

Polaroid Cutting

Polaroid Cutting is when the image on a card or a layout resembles a polaroid photo. This can be made by making a frame around the image.

Polished Stone

Polished Stone is a technique which can be made using reinkers or alcohol ink, rubbing alcohol or blending solution, a cotton ball and glossy paper. See examples here: Polished Stone Cards


High quality colored pencils manufactured by Faber-Castell.


Small pompoms are used for decorative purposes on paper projects.

Pop Art

A style in paper craft where high vibrant colors are used, often in contrast with eachother. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s art.

Pop Up Card

Pop Up Cards are cards with an element which pop ups either before or after you open the card. See examples here: Pop Up Card


Waterbased and acid free marker. Can be used on paper, cardboard, wood and glass.

Positive Die Cutting

Positive Die Cutting is the normal way use die cuts. In positive die cutting you use the figure or shape which you have cut out of paper.

Post-it Book

A handmade book for storing post-it pads.

Postbound Album

Album frequently used in scrapbooking. Postbound albums can be extended since they have screws which binds the album together.

Primary Elements

Primary Elements is dry paint pigments which can be mixed with Poly Pour to make fluid paint.


Colored pencils with a thick, soft core.

Project Life

Project Life (PL) is when you place photos and cards into plastic page protectors with premade pockets instead of placing them into a layout. Also called Pocket Scrapbooking or Scrapbooking Light.


Twin-tipped alcohol based marker. Manufactured by Letraset up to 2012, now manufactured by Winsor and Newton.

Pull Up Card

Pull Up Cards are cards which reveals accordions when the card front is pulled up. See examples here: Pull Up Cards


A punch is a device which can be used for cutting out shapes and figures in paper.


Punk in paper craft is a style where focus is on black in contrast to more vivid colors. It is a more modern form of the Gothic and Steam Punk styles.

Purse Card

Purse Card is a card which is shaped like a purse.

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces can be used as decorative elements on cards and other paper projects. You can make your own puzzle pieces by using suitable metal dies, or you can use actual puzzle pieces.

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