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You will find everything you need to know about paper crafting in “Papercraft from A to Z”. Ever wondered what “RAK” is? Or what you mean by “Retiform Technique”? You will find the answers in our eighteenth article in this series when we focus on everything in papercraft starting with the letter R.


Raindrops is colored, transparent pearls with a flat backside. They are used for decorating purposes in paper craft.


RAK is Random Act of Kindness. Paper crafters often send small treats to eachother.

Recessed Window Card

Recessed Window Card is a card there the motif is surrounded by a raised frame. See examples here: Recessed Window Card


Recycling is popular in paper craft. Papercrafters often use buttons, laces, old stamps and other recycled items as decorations on their projects.


Redesign in paper craft is also called altering and refers to an object that has been redecorated in some way.


Reinkers are fluid ink used for reinking dry ink pads. Reinkers are also often used when coloring stamped images and in other techniques in paper crafting.

Repetitive Stamping

A stamping technique where the same stamp is stamped several times on the same project.

Resist Technique

A technique where you make a design and expose it in negative space. For example by using clear embossing to make an image and then use ink or paint on top of it. The embossed image will resist the ink/paint.

Retiform Technique

Also called Grid Technique. When you make a card using Retiform Technique you can use Post It notes to cover up parts of the surface and make squares. Then you apply ink by using a dauber and stamp the images you want to have in each of the squares.


A style which is inspired by the 1970s geometric patterns and earth tone colors.

Reverse Die Cutting

Reverse Die Cutting is to use a metal die on both sides of the same paper. See example here: Reverse Die Cutting Technique

Reverse Stamping

Reverse stamping is to stamp an image so it faces in one direction and then stamp it again facing in the opposite direction. Also called Mirror Stamping. See example here: How to Reverse Stamp with the Mirror Stamping Technique


A diamond simultant used for decorative purposes in paper crafting. Also called Bling.


Ribbons are used for binding objects together or for decorative purposes in paper crafting.

Ric Rac

Ric Rac is ribbon formed as zigzags.

Rice Paper

Thin, smooth paper used for example in origami.

Rolled Roses

Rolled paper roses are often used as decorative elements on paper projects. Rolled paper roses can be made by for example using dies or you can buy them from craft stores.

Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamps are frequently used for making images used on especially cards, but also on layouts, in Art Journals and other paper projects.

Rub Ons

Rub On is an image which transfers to for example paper when you rub it.


A style in paper crafting which emphasizes the rural country life – like wornout wooden walls and rusty metal.

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