Paper Craft Event

Does it tempt you with a whole weekend with like-minded people from Friday to Sunday, shopping, scrapping, demos, courses and that everything happens in one and the same place? Then the best place to be is at a paper craft event.

Have you never been on a paper craft event before? Then I can happily tell you a little about what and how it takes place at my local event, here in Norway.

Last weekend I was at the Scrap4fun event in Haugesund, the event was started by 5 friends and together with a volunteer group they organize meetings twice a year. This takes place in a gymnasium and the committee says that the aim is to “scrap, chat and laugh”, in addition to having a stress-relieving and creative weekend together with a lovely group of ladies.


They also have courses, sometimes with a Norwegian course leader, other times from abroad. Kreativ Scrapping is the local craft store, and they are at the event with almost all their products. The shop is open all weekend, so it is no problem if you have forgotten the glue at home, you can always buy a new one.

Everyone is assigned their own table, and the place is reserved for participants who can come and go as they please during the weekend. Some also sleep at the house, some of the locals go home and others prefer to sleep in a hotel.

I’ve been on many paper craft events and is always nice to see many familiar faces again, and not least to meet new crafty friends.

From six o’clock on Friday until four o’clock on Sunday, the table is “yours” and all you have to do is enjoy yourself. One would think that in a gymnasium where 50 ladies are sitting, chatting, and who have taken half the craft room with various machines that make noise, it would be difficult to be creative, but no. Preferably the opposite, the atmosphere is good, quiet laughter, quiet chatter and people who sometimes come and go from place to place to say hello, be inspired, make a contribution, or grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a freshly baked waffle.

When I asked what one could expect from the weekend, the ladies on the committee said that they divided the days as follows:

“Peaceful Friday” when everyone settles down, and finds a welcome greeting from them in the form of scrap candy. The first course is held for those who are registered, you can start with challenges, meet others, eat, take a trip to the shop, or just sit at your table and enjoy yourself.

“Lively Saturday”, the cafe is ready at 09:00, some are already sitting in the hall been creative, others are sleeping. There will be a raffle, course number two for registrants, demos in the store, draws for challenges in the evening and bingo.


“Walking Sunday” semi-calm day, easy challenges to choose from and at three o’clock the prizes are drawn. Then just start packing your things again and look forward to the next time.

This is just some of what happens “on the record” from the event organizers, but so much more happens between the lines. Meals together with others where you can talk together, or sit alone and relax on a sofa. Take a look at the tables where all the contributions are delivered. The last mentioned but highly recommended! During these days, an incredible amount of beautiful things are made, from cards to LO’s, PL and other paper projects. You can be inspired by looking at these, or sign up for a course and learn something more specific. Demos in the store are a great way to see various products in use.

A paper craft event is a weekend where you both inspire and be inspired, meet familiar and new crafty friends, and as the ladies on the committee say “maybe we’ll even make something too!”

Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about my local paper craft event. I have been involved in this for almost 10 years and hope to be involved for many, many more years!