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You will find everything you need to know about paper crafting in “Papercraft from A to Z”. Ever wondered what “Scoring” is? Or what you mean by “Sketch”? You will find the answers in our nineteenth article in this series when we focus on everything in papercraft starting with the letter S.

S fold Card

S fold cards are cards which are folded so they resembles the letter S. See example here: Tutorial – S fold Cards

Scrapbooking Day

Scrapbooking Day is celebrated every year on the first Saturday in May.


A motif which is surrounded by a scenery.


A measuring and scoring board.


Scoring is to make crease in paper so it will fold more easily.

Scoring Board

Scoring Board makes it easier to make creases in paper. Score Boards have lines and measurements to use when scoring. Usually they also come with a scoring tool (bone folder).

Scrap Box

A Scrap Box is a closet which folds out with a work table and several shelfs for storing scrapbooking materials. See example here: The Ultimate Scrap Box


A scrapbook is an album or a book with layouts.


Scrapbooking is to make photo albums or books with layouts.

Scrapbooking Light

See Project Life.


Scraplifting is to copy other’s layouts.

Scratch Art

Scratch art is to scratch a surface so it reveals an image. The image can be preprinted or something you creates yourself while scratching.


A seal is a piece of wax which has a design stamped on it. A seal can be used on envelopes or documents as a guarantee of authenticity. In paper craft seals are used for decorative purposes.

Seam Binding

Seam Binding is a ribbon made of thin fabric. Seam Bindings can be colored with for example Distress Ink. Also called Hug Snug.


Selfie is a photograpy you take of yourself.


Small shiny ornaments which are used for decorative purposes in paper crafting.

Shabby Chic

The Shabby Chic style is the more youthful little sister of the Vintage style. The colors are usually lighter and more pastel and the motifs are usually children and young people.

Shaker Card

A Shaker Card is a card which has a window made of clear plastic. Inside the window there are small items which move around when the card is shaked. Often these small items are sequins or small pearls.

Shelf Card

A Shelf Card is a card which is folded in such a way that there is a shelf on the front of the card. See examples here: Shelf Card

Shirt Card

A Shirt card is a card with has the shape of a shirt, sometimes also with a jacket. See examples here: Shirt Card

Shrink Plastic

Shrink Plastic is plastic which shrinks when heated.

Shutter Card

A shutter card is a card which has shutters on it. Usually the card has shutters on the inside which moved to reveal an image or a text. See examples here: Shutter Cards

Side Step Card

A Side Step Card is a card with steps on one side and the motif is placed on the other side of the front of the card. See examples here: Side Step Cards Also called Side Stepper Card.

Silent Setter

A silent setter is a tool for placing eyelets.

Silhouette Cutting Machine

A digital cutting machine.

Silhouette Studio

Silhouette Studio is where you access and creates designs which are sent to a Silhouette Cutting Machine.

Silk Paper

Thin paper with a soft feel.

Simply Cards and Papercraft

A magazine about cardmaking and paper crafting. Published in United Kingdom.


A type of metal dies manufactured by Sizzix. Sizzlits are thin dies with a thin layer of foam around them.


In paper craft a sketch is an instruction of where to place the elements of a card or a layout.

Slider Card

Slider Cards has something which slides on them. The item which slides can be panels, the motif or maybe just a part of the motif. See examples here: Slider Cards

Slimline Card

Slimline Cards are slim and long cards approxmiately 9 x 21 centimeters or 3.5 x 8.5 inches. See examples here: Slimline Cards


A SMASH Book is a book where you can write, draw, paint, use embellishments and so on. You do not need to worry about making things perfect. Also called Junk Journal.


Smooshing is to apply paint or ink and make random patterns onto a surface.

Sneak Peek

To see something before it is officially available.

Solvent Ink

Oil or alcohol based ink. Solvent inks are permanent and can be used on glass and metal.


Abbreviation for Social Media. Earlier papercrafters often showed their work in personal blogs, now many papercrafters use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.


Spatulas are used for applying paint and paste when paper crafting.

Spinner Card

A card which has something that spins on it, often an image of some sort. See examples here: Spinner Card


Splatter is to splash paint on a surface.


Sponging is to use a sponge to apply paint on a surface. By using a sponge you can create ombré effects with one color blending smoothly into another.

Square Petal Card

A Square Petal Card is a card which has four flaps that reminds of petals on the front. See examples here: Square Petal Card


Stampscapes stamps are rubberstamps with images of landscapes and elements from nature. The stamps can be put together to create beautiful sceneries.


STAMPtember is a paraphrase of September and takes place in September every year. STAMPtember is a month where there are several new releases and exclusive collaborations from stamp companies. STAMPtember is hosted by Simon Says Stamp.


Stashbusting is to use your scraps and leftovers from other paper projects.


A permanent solvent based stamp pad. Can be used on paper, glass, metal, shrink plastic, foil etc.

Steam Punk

A design style inspired by industrialism. The images on cards and other paper projects made in a Steam Punk style often are means of transportation, gears and different tools.


A stencil can be made of paper, plastic or metal and is an image or pattern with gaps. When using ink or paint these gaps will be covered and transfer the image or pattern of the stencil onto a surface.

Step Card

A Step Card is a card with steps. The steps can be made at one side making a Side Step Card, or they can be put in the middle. See examples here: Step Cards


Stickers are used for decorative purposes on cards and other paper projects.


Stickles are a type of glitter glue. Stickles are used on paper projects for decorative purposes.

Swing Card

A Swing Card is a card with a front panel which swing when the card is opened. See examples here: Swing Cards


Swirls are frequently used as decorative elements on paper projects.

Sympathy Card

A Sympathy Card is a card which expresses sympathy when someone is ill, have lost a dear one or live through difficult times.

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