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You will find everything you need to know about paper crafting in “Papercraft from A to Z”. Ever wondered what “Tape Transfer” is? Or what you mean by “Thickers”? You will find the answers in our twentieth article in this series when we focus on everything in papercraft starting with the letter T.


A tag is a label which you can attach to something, for example a flower, a bottle or a gift.

Tape Transfer

Tape Transfer is a technique where you transfer printed images into packing tape. See tutorial here: DIY Packing Tape Transfer

Tea Dyeing

Tea dyeing is to color paper using tea. You can use a brush and paint tea onto the paper or you can soak paper into the tea.

Tealight Card

Tealight Card is a card which either has a tealight as a decorative part of the card, or has one or more tealights included in the card as a small gift to the receiver. See examples here: Tealight Cards

Teepee Card

Teepee Card is a card which is shaped like a teepee. See examples here: Teepee Cards

Tent Card

A tent card is formed in such a way that is resembles a tent: Tent Cards

Theatre Card

A theatre card is a card which is made in such a way that the front of the card looks like a scene. See tutorial here: Christmas in the Theater

The Paper Crafting Magazine

The Paper Crafting Magazine is an e-magazine which has been published online since 2014, originally just as a Scandinavian magazine. In 2022 The Paper Crafting Magazine expanded to include also an internatioal edition. Also called TPC Magazine.

The Paper Events

The Paper Events is a Facebook Group where TPC Magazine hosts digital events (Cyber Crops): The Paper Events The Paper Events is open for everyone interested in paper crafting.


Thickers are thick stickers made of cardboard, foam or other thick material.


Thinlits are thin metal dies manufactured by Sizzix. These can be used for cutting in for example paper and vellum.

Tissue Paper

Lightweight paper. In paper crafting tissue paper mostly is used for flower making. See examples here: Tissue Paper Craft

Toffifee Box

Toffifee Boxes are popular to decorate with paper and used as gifts or sold on markets, especially before Christmas.

Tone on Tone

Painting different shades of the same color.


Toppers are precolored images which are used as motifs on cards.

TPC Magazine’s official Facebook Group

In TPC Magazine’s Official Facebook Group TPC Magazine connects with its readers. The group is open for everyone interested in paper crafting: TPC Magazines offisielle Facebook-gruppe

Traveler’s Notebook

Travelers Notebook is a book where you can collect memorabilia from your journeys. Traveler’s Notebooks usually has a cover made of leather.

Trifold Shutter Card

Trifold Shutter Cards are cards which is folded into three. This folding technique makes interesting cards which looks complicate to make: Trifold Shutter Cards Also called Tri Shutter Card

Triple Flip Card

Triple Flip Cards are cards with three (or more) flaps that opens when you pull a tap. Also called Waterfall Card. See examples here: Triple Flip Cards

Tri Shutter Card

See Trifold Shutter Card.

Tunnel Card

Tunnel Cards have several layers of paper so you are able to make the tunnel. The tunnel usually is placed at the inside of the card. See examples here: Tunnel Cards


Tulle is a delicate, thin fabric which is used for decorative purposes in paper crafting.


Tutorial is when someone shows you who to make things. Often step-by-step in written instructions or by showing you how to make it in a video.


Twine is used for decorative purposes in paper crafting, but can also be used to tie something together.

Twinkling H2O

Twinkling H2O is watercolor paint with shimmer.

Twist and Pop Card

A Twist and Pop Card looks like a usual card on the front. When you open the card it reveals something that looks like a little book. See examples here: Twist and Pop Cards

Twisted Card

A Twisted Card is a card which has been folded so it has a twist, usually on the front of the card. See examples here: Twisted Cards

Twisted Easel Card

A Twisted Easel Card is an easel card which has a twist. See examples here: Twisted Easel Cards

Two Tone Stamping

Two colors are used and fade into ecah other on the same stamped image.

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