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You will find everything you need to know about paper crafting in “Papercraft from A to Z”. Ever wondered what “Wanderlust” is? Or what you mean by “Wax Resist Technique”? You will find the answers in our twenty-third article in this series when we focus on everything in papercraft starting with the letter W.


Wanderlust is a desire to explore the world. When used in paper crafting is about a creative journey more than a physical one.


Washers are thin plates with a hole in the middle. In paper craft washers are mostly used in projects in Steam Punk style.

Washi Tape

Washi Tape is a decorative, thin tape.


Waterbrush is a brush with a barrel which can be filled with water.


A waterbased paint. Also called Aquarelle Paint.

Watercolor Smooshing

Watercolor Smooshing is a technique where you randomly spread watercolor onto a surface.

Waterfall Card

Waterfall Cards are cards with three (or more) flaps that opens when you pull a tap. Also called Triple Flip Cards. See examples here: Triple Flip Cards

Wax Resist Technique

Wax Resist Technique is a technique where you use wax to make a pattern before you apply a coat of for example paint on top of it.

Wet on Wet Technique

A painting technique where wet paint is applied on top of already made layers of wet paint.


The Whimsical style in paper crafting is a style emphasizing fantasy and playfulness. Paper projects made in this style often has images and decorations from fairytales and nature.

White Space

White Space refers to the amount of space which has not been decorated on a card or a layout. Paper projects made in a Clean and Simple (CAS) style often has more white space compared to paper projects made in other styles.

Wiper Card

Wiper Cards has a little tag on top where you can place a small image or text. The image or text will move when the card is opened. See examples here: Wiper Cards

World Cardmaking Day

World Cardmaking Day is celebrated every year on the first Saturday in October.

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