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The Vintage style is very popular among cardmakers and paper crafters. Vintage is a style which can be used on projects for both men and women. Dark colors are often used and many find old images on the internet as they use for motifs on their Vintage paper projects.


Can be used for all occasions, but is often used on projects for adults and older people. You often see the “Vintage” style on Christmas cards and other Christmas projects. 


The motifs of vintage projects are usually old photos or illustrations. These can either be bought from paper craft shops or you can find pictures on the internet. Some Vintage illustrations are also available as stamps.

The motifs are usually people and the Vintage style can be perceived as slightly more grown-up than the Shabby Chic style , perhaps because of the darker colors and the more “heavy expression”. 


Shapes and patterns

Intricate ornaments inspired by nature. Brocade and floral patterns are often seen.


Earth colors are dominant, but are often used in conjunction with other colours. When other colors are used they are usually in dark or pale color spectrum.


Also when it comes to decoration, you want to give the project an aged look. The decoration usually consists of lace, flowers, cheese cloth, book pages, buttons and older clocks. 

The choice of design paper also has something to say about the impression and whether a project can be associated with this style or not. 

The colors of the decorations are usually dark or pale.


Vintage projects have an old, worn feel. This is achieved by for example distressing and aging the edges and in some cases also tearing and crumpling the paper. 

Layering is a technique frequently used on Vintage cards and layouts.

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