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There is no doubt that scrapbooking creates a need for clever craft storage. There is always so many craft things you just “need”, and the question is just where to keep everything. Some are lucky enough to have their own craft room, while others have a little happy place in their bedroom, or living room. Where do you get storage ideas from? What is clever craft storage?


Pinterest is absolutely a good, but dangerous place to start searching. Dangerous, because when you first get into it, is is difficult to stop. Just remember, Pinterest is just a pile of pining boards, that people made with links and pictures from other sites. This makes it a good place as a “search engine” for ideas, although Pinterest is not the first source. When you link to a source, always use the first source, and never Pinterest itself. This would just be like saying you found the information in a book from the library. The library is not the source, but the book you used. Here, you will find a little bunch of boards wtih craft storage ideas.   Use it to start your own board.



There are loads of craft storage groups on facebook. The normal craft groups has got some inspiration, although this is limited. Use the craft storage groups instead. Here are some examples.

IKEA craft rooms: IKEA is a must for many craft rooms. In this group you will find lots of different IKEA craft rooms solutions.

Pimp my Råskog: Råskog is an IKEA trolly, that a lot of crafters have invested in. This group will give you ideas how to pimp your Råskog trolly.

Other craft room groups you can try out is:

TPC Magazine

I have written articles for the scandinavian version of the magazine earlier. You can see one of the articles here.

You Tube

If you search for “Craft room tour” on you tube, you will get a good tour of different rooms with lots of ideas. Some of the rooms will give you a lot to envy. However, remember that a lot of these crafters have taken scrapbooking a lot longer that most. They have taken it quite seriously, are often part of larger design teams, or have this as their “job”, and the craft studio is their work space.

This is Jennifer McGuire´s craft room tour. Remember that this is her job.

The next craft room tour, is smaller and more manageable for most of us. A lot of this is IKEA furniture, that has been modifies a bit.

In the next video, you can find more organisation hacks to try out in your own craft space.

Second hand

Most countries have their own web platforms or shops where you can get things second hand. This is also a really good idea. Not everyone can bay everything new. And with a bit of paint, and modification, well used things can get as good as new.



For a lot of people, IKEA is a natural choice for craft room storage. I am using the Bestå collection from IKEA, because you can choose between different depth of shelves and the price is relatively low. Billy is also a good choice, but the shelves are not as deep.

In the video below, it is used the Liatorp collection from IKEA. A nice collection, but relatively more expensive than the two collections mentioned above.

Remember that you can fix and sort out a lot of old and simpler versions of furniture to look like expensive and nice versions. In the video below, it has been used three small chest of drawers, to create a larger and more delicate version. This is a really good idea if you don´t have your own craft room.

This video shows the Kallax storage collection from IKEA. You can find different good storage boxes and solutions for these shelves.

Scrap box type storage

If you don´t have your own craft room or studio, a shelf system can can be folded out is a perfect solution. You can close the doors and tuck away all your mess if you need to. Several crafters have found the The original scrapbox ´s system a good choice.

This model is rather expensive, and not everyone has the money to spend for this. Also it is not sold everywhere in the world and shipping costs is a lot of money. There are several tutorials around on how to build your own systems that are similar.

You can also use IKEA shelves as a base, and build something based on the same idea. This is Camilla Wollan Mellesdal (pictures and idea is added with permission). She has added an old desk, that folds into the shelving system.

Foto: Camilla Wollan Mellesdal
Foto: Camilla Wollan Mellesdal

Scrapping  tote

Most of us need at least one scrapping tote. You can get them in wood or fabric. I use both. The one below is hand made from MDF, just because I wanted one that was taller than the ones you could get in the shops.


Storage of dies

A lot of people store dies in boxes like ArtBins, or on the wall on magnetic boards.

Die storage in boxes

ArtBin are actually a really good idea. The box comes with three magnetic boards, and you have to get extra to fill it up.

Foto: Kirsten Ulset

Some has also used plastic boxes from Memory Keepers (AM660270) for the ArtBin magnetic boards.

Foto: Ida Birgitte Weldingh Eftedal

Die storage in folders

There are also different solutions used. This is a CD storage folder, with ArtBin magnetic boards. The magnetic boards has been cut to fit inside the pockets.

Foto: Hildegunn Håvoll

Dies storage in bags

Foto: Anita Sjøthun

You can also get see through plastic envelopes from e.g. from Sizzix (storage envelopes) for dies storage.

Die storage on the wall

I often store the dies I use on a regular basis on the wall.  Jula in one shop that has magnet storage for tools,  that will also function for dies. Some dies, e.g. from Kaisercraft, will also come with a little magnet board at the back of the dies. I have mounted shelves from an IKEA storage, Bygel, on my wall, as they are magnetic and can be used with other IKEA storage solutions, that are not really ment to fit together – but they do.  You can find more information about the products used in my blog.

Foto: Kirsten Ulset

Storage of thick dies

Thicker dies, I use old wooden boxes for these. This one is inhereted, but you can find old and good wooden boxed like this second hand.

Foto: Kirsten Ulset

Paper storage

There are plenty of different storage solutions for paper. I really wanted a shelf that would work with the rest of the storage in my craft room. I could not find anything that would fit. So, I used an old IKEA shelf, and rebuilt it. I shortened the width of it, to be 35 cm. Then I got to a wood shop, and got help to cut a piece of MDF into the right size shelves. The holes for the shelf mounts, were already on each side of the shelf. So it was just to add new shelf mounts. So this fixed the paper storage problem for me.

Foto: Kirsten Ulset

Cecilie Bjørndal is using Bissa Ikea shoe shelves for storage of card board.

Foto: Cecilie Bjørndal

If you are lucky, you can also find used paper storage. This is something I found, and it was all free. Just painted it, and it was good to go.

Foto: Kirsten Ulset

Stamp storage

The collection of stamps has become quite extensive after all these years. I often keep a lot of stamps from different design team jobs in different boxes. These boxes are for all other stamps, and is a useful storage. The boxes are old wooden boxes, that I have inherited. I have added plastic sheets inside. They are laminated bits of card board.  The stamps stick to the laminated sides.

Foto: Kirsten Ulset

Sometimes, if you colour a lot, storing the motives that you are going to colour is also a good idea. Here I have decorated a small folder with plastic envelopes to store motives. I have also added laminated sheets with the different distress ink colours. This is an easy system to use. Just add a drop of distress ink to the coloured pallet, paint and wash of the ink.

Foto: Kirsten Ulset

Distress ink storage

Tis was my first distress ink storage. It is an old wine box, that I altered. This storage is now a bit tight (since there are so many pretty colours). So, I now have draws full of these.

Foto: Kirsten Ulset.

I also paint with distress ink. This box is also an old wine box that I modified a few years ago. This is still much in use.

Foto: Kirsten Ulset

Good luck with your craft room.