White – Innocent and popular

White is along with blue the most popular colors for paper crafting. In a poll with over 800 votes in TPC’s Facebook group 14 percent stated that they preferred to use white when paper crafting. White is associated with innocence and purity and is especially popular among cardmakers who perfer a clean and simple style on their cards.

  • Color Category: Achromatic Colour
  • Complementary Color: Black
  • Mixing Ratio – Color Mixing: NA
  • Symbolism: White is connected with virginity, clarity, purity and innocence.
  • Positive Characteristics: Purity, goodness, clarity. 
  • Negative Characteristics: Vulnerability.
  • Associated styles: Clean and Simple – Elegance


Mood Board

We have put together a Mood Board in white. Hopefully it can inspire you to make a card or a layout in this innocent and pure color?

Source: TPC , NDLA, Wikimedia, Spa Nirvana, Veien til helse
Photo: Sambhav Saxena, StockSnap, Silvia
Ylanite Koppens, Mariya MuschardPixabay