Retro Style

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Retro within the paper hobby often gives associations to the 1970’s interiors in terms of colors and patterns. The “Retro” style is popular among paper crafters. 


Can be used for all occasions.


Objects that are clearly “retro” such as stereo systems, cameras, means of transport and clothes. If the motif is people, they can be dressed in retro style, but it is not necessary. Animals are not often used as motifs in this style. Why this is so is uncertain, but perhaps the retro style of the 1970s represented a break with the old farming culture and thus also with the animals. 


Shapes and patterns

Circles, lines and squares. Repeating geometric patterns. 


The colors are often not that strong and can be perceived as somewhat “pale”. Earth colors are often combined with elementary colours.


The embellishments on projects within this style often consist of circles in various shapes – it can be die cuts, buttons, stamped circles and so on. Flowers are also used a lot when making projects in Retro style.


You do not use specific techniques to create projects in “Retro” style. The characteristic of the style lies in shapes, colors and patterns, which are often determined by the choice of design paper, motif and decoration. 

Photo: Jill Wellington, Tibor Janosi Mozes, Gordon Johnson,
No-longer-here and Tom from Pixabay (Pixabay License)