Paper Talk with Micheline (Mimi A La Carte) from Canada

Paper Talk with Micheline (Mimi A La Carte) from Canada - TPC Magazine

Mimi’s cards are truly amazing. Being inspired by her beautiful surroundings in Quebec, Canada, Mimi makes some of the most wonderful cards I have ever seen. Her cards have motifs which are either stamped or handmade by herself and she colors the images with watercolors.

Who are you? Can you tell us about yourself?
I am 74 years old and have been married for over 40 years to Henri, with whom I had a daughter, Émilie, who is now 40 y.o. She has two daughters, Mathilde 18 and Lilou, 21.  We also have Poulette, our 11 year old female cat.  I live by Achigan (Bass) river in L’Épiphanie, Québec. And this morning, it is a fairy, magical scenery with our first snow fall. 


When did you start with paper crafting? Why did you start with paper crafting?
It all started off 25 years ago when I offered my then, 14 year old daughter, a bunny rubber stamp to create cards or whatever she wanted.  She did not play too much with it.  But I, I started my incredible addiction, loving all the possibilities I could use with a rubber stamp.  I thus started my collection up to the time I opened up a boutique 15 years ago.  I had a store front in Montréal, Mimi A La Carte (My boutique’s name) for around 5 years, where I sold paraphernalia surrounding greeting cards and the making of them. We, my daughter Émilie and I, also gave classes.  We were then living in Montréal and we moved to our present location. 

The long drives to and from the boutique, got the better of me and I decided to sell it approximately 8 years ago.  It is then that the Penny Black Rubber Stamps Co. offered me to become part of their designer team.  I became a D.T. for the company and still am.  I draw designs so they can produce stamps and create demos using  their rubber stamps for their use on their medias.  They also purchase my creations to reproduce and sell them.  I have a YouTube channel on which I try to publish more and more information.  I also have an Instagram and a Facebook account (Mimi A La Carte) on which I demonstrate all I do with the stamps.

What is the best thing about paper crafting?
Creation and innovation.

Have you made any mistakes when papercrafting and would you like to tell about it?
Of course, like everybody else.  I need to practice, trial and errors.  I regularily throw my cards in the waste basket  overnight they’re so ugly.  Then, the next day, I look at them with a different eye view and when I share them on my FB page, it’s always loved!  Go figure!!

What kind of paper projects do you make?
I only make greeting cards. Nothing else for the last 7 or 8 years.

Can you describe your style? Have your style changed since you started?
I use Penny Black Company’s stamps exclusively (an agreement I have with them) and I use watercolour. And yes, my style has changed  over the years, greatly so.

What inspires you?
I get my inspiration from everything.  Nature (I am lucky to live by  a river) and I surf the Net, and a lot of Pinterest where I see many inspirational subjects, colour mixing and blending….  everything is inspiration.

Is there anything in paper crafting you would like to learn?
I am constantly learning.  I surf Youtube a lot and observe various methods used by artisans of other mediums.

Can you mention five products/tools you cannot live without?
Misti is a must (a wonderful tool to print perfectly), Tim Holtz’s Distress pads, 100% cotton watercolour papers, stamps and of course, a good Exacto.


What is on top of your wish list right now?
I would love to have one thousand followers on my Youtube channel to get whatever monetary compensation it offers.

Who in the paper crafting community would you like to meet «in real life»? Why?
No one comes to mind at this moment.  I am interested by many artists but I have no one in particular.

Can you describe your craftroom?
My work studio is a daily war zone… that needs a clean up regularily. Now, I’m listening to Christmas music while I work.  My work station is close by a window that gives on the street below.  I love to look out the window and see life, passer by, weather (rain or shine or like now, snow fall) etc… Half of my life is spent here, practically.  This is where I make my videos for YT and I am often supervised by Poulette (my cat).

Other things you would like to mention in the presentation?
I am honored by your request.  It is with great pleasure that I read your message.

Where can we find you? (Blog, website, social media etc.)
Facebook: Mimi A La Carte
YouTube: Micheline Jourdain
Instagram: Micheline Jourdain
Flickr: Micheline Jourdain
Pinterest: Micheline Jourdain
On the Penny Black blog as a DT member.  And a few blogs here and there.

Photo: Micheline/Mimi A La Carte
Published with permission