We asked you: What are the Paper Crafters up to now?

What Are The Paper Crafters Up To Now? - Featured image

December is a busy month for paper crafters. Many makes handmade Christmas Cards and some even makes Christmas Gifts. Here what your fellow crafters are up to in December.

Anja Therese Namsmork, Norway

I am making Chocolate boxes and other things which I will be selling on Christmas Markets.


Verene, Norway

I have been working with “Betinas Tiny Box”, hidden flap cards and Circle Layout from Marianne Design. All my Christmas Cards and gifts were made by using one of these three as a base. Here is a link to my Youtube Channel. The two newest videos are featuring “Betinas Tiny Box” and hidden flap Card: VerenesCreativeGirlcave

Jeanette Johansen, Norway

I am making Christmas Cards and Gift tags.

Anita Jaconelli Olsen, Norway

I should be making some Christmas cards, after all, “everyone” does, but I seem to have found my scrapbooking mojo, so will continue making Layouts. I am lucky to live within walking distance of a rather well stocked hobby store, so have stock piled American Crafts goodies and more during the pandemic, but haven’t done much scrapbooking until now to be honest.

Unni Beckstrøm Ravndal, Norway

I will be making some gift tags for Christmas treats which I will give to my friends, acquaintances, shop employees and people in the street.

Siri Fjello, Norway

I have made two chocolate cards, it is a big plate of chocolate who is wrapped in carton. I have used a bone folder to sharpen the edges so it became nice. Then I decorated it all and write a greeting at the backside. It’s a pleasant gift to make and hopefully to receive also.


Lydia Elisabeth Kværner, Norway

I am making Christmas Cards, but also some regular cards, gift tags and Shaker Cards. I have started on a painting, I am done making a Calendar and I hope to get time to make more gifts. I have been making Shaker Cards which I think can be both gift tags and a small gift. I have attached a ribbon to them so the Shaker Cards can be used for decorating the Christmas tree, windows etc. I have made almost 40 Christmas Cards/Shaker Cards since September.

Anne Jansson, Norway

I am making gift boxes with Christmas Baulbs like the one in the photo. I am also making Gift tags and some cards and boxes in colors I usually does not use much – grey/blue.

Ida Jeanette Follestad, Norway

I am sorting my papers – all from glittering papers, metallic papers and white papers. I do not need to shop for several years – I had over 400!

Åsa Westerström, Sweden

I am making Christmas Cards.

Featured photo: Nair Santos, Pixabay
Other photos from Facebook. Published with permission.