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Hanging Houses

Hanging Houses - Finished houses

Happy New Year to you all! My first article this year is these cute little houses that I designed just before Christmas 2022. I got the idea of making them when I looked at some gift wrapping paper I used for my Christmas gifts.

Every year I use to make some embellishments on my Christmas gifts as a small token for those who appreciate it. Then I also thought that they may could use it for decorations for the year to come.

My idea was to make some high-rise buildings, not only for embellishments on the gifts but for decorations as well. When the other Christmas decoration are put away these small building still can be used for decorations. I will try to explain how I made these.


Here you can see my finished houses. They are made in three different sizes – two oblong smaller houses and one bigger and thicker.

I started by finding some patterned cardstock which would suit my houses. I wanted to keep them in a neutral, wooden look but if you prefer to make houses with more pattern you can choose that. I have used two 30×30 centimetres for these houses and you can make a lot of them. I made three squares – one measuring 5×10 cm, one was 3×7 cm and the third one was 3×8 cm. You will need two of each square for every house. For the top of the house I divided the squares in the middle and made them two centimetres shorter. I used a scissor for cutting the roof.

Afterwards I attached the houses together so they were similar on both sides. For the windows I used quilling strips sized 5 millimeters. I cut them out and made a cross so they looked like windows. I used on Ege strips since they are thicker than other strips and thereby have a 3D look.

I made a hole on the top so the house can be hanged on a branch.


As you can see in this photo I choose to attach an on Ege strips to give the house a 3D look.

Here you can see the holes I made and the pearls I attached to the houses.

In this video you can see my finished houses.

Thanks for watching.