Ways to use your Markers

Many cardmakers use markers for coloring stamped images. But there are other ways to use markers and hopefully you will get some new ideas in this article.

The stamped image of the Snow Angel is colored with alcohol-based transparent markers.

Another idea is to color chipboards. Chipboards usually has a light brown color. Then it is a good idea to use markers to color it the way you want.

Snow Angel colored with markers
Chipboard can be colored with markers
Creative Lettering using Markers

Markers are prefect for Creative Lettering and can be used on cards, layouts, in Art and Bullet Journals. “Happy” is written by using twin-tip alcohol-based markers.

Another way to use markers is to color letters so they fit your project better. I have used alcohol-based markers for coloring letters made of cork.

Markers can also be used for making shadows. I put my card under a lamp to see where the letters cast shadow and then I used a grey colored marker to draw the shadows.

Color letters of cork with alcohol-based markers
Draw shadows with a grey colored marker

On this card you can see how the markers were used for coloring the letters in “Happy”, for drawing the shadows from the letters, for coloring the hearts made of chipboard and also for coloring die cuts of flowers, leaves and a butterfly.

So if you are not into coloring stamped images with markers you can still use them in many other ways to add color to your cards, layouts and other paper projects.

Here you find color charts for your markers:
Useful Color Charts for your pencils and markers

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