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Cheap and easy Scrapbooking in January

Cheap And Easy Scrapbooking In January - Detail of Layout

Christmas is over and decorations are packed away. The weather outside is mostly gray and mid-January is a tough time for shopping, right?! So how to brighten up your day a bit? Well my advice is to go back to Christmas. Maybe you have some leftover papers from making Christmas cards? Well then it’s perfect for scrapbooking your Christmas memories.

Type of project: Scrapbooking layout
Occasion: Christmas
Style: traditional
Techniques used: cutting, fuzzy cutting
Decoration: just paper
Main colour: red and beige
Media used: paper, some stickers
Equipment used: scissors, trimmer, pen
Use what you got!
In this layout I’m gonna show you that you don’t need much more than paper, a pen, scissors and a paper trimmer and a few stickers.


A smaller size will make paper last. I decided to make a scrapbook layout in a 6×8” page. I like that size, it’s not so intimidating as the 12×12” pages. But you could of course also argue for the economy in using that size; you can use the smaller paper pads and left overs, for example those you have from cardmaking. 

A trimmer, scissors and a pen is all you need. I love layers of layers with patterned paper. So here I started with a big rectangle of checkered paper leaving maybe 0,3 cm of the white cardstock as a frame. On top of that I put another slightly smaller rectangle that I tore out (using a ruler to get it straight).  On this, see how I used a pen to draw a frame by hand. A cheap trick that fit the style.

Then I used the trimmer to cut yet another rectangle approximately 3×5 inches big. Underneath this I put to strips about 3 cm wide and 15 and 17 cm long respectively (sorry for mixing but it gets a bit confusing when the albums and pages are measured in inches when you’re used to the metric system). I cut these two as banners.

Then I just framed the photo and stamped “love you” on the frame but you might as well write something by hand here too.

Cut out decorations by hand. In one of the patterned papers I found a big beautiful flower that could go as an embellishment, so I cut it out.


Use a printer for journaling if you don’t have stickers. I like to have a stickers pad with word and phrases in a small font that fit almost everywhere and in every situation. But if you have a printer you can also type whatever you what and print it on regular copy paper.

I hope you found this tips and tricks useful!