Text or not?

Text Or Not? Card with text

I absolutely love words and it is very hard to find a card or a tag among my makings, which is without words on the front. But not everyone feels like that and I hear some cardmakers being very much in doubt or who rather make card fronts without any kind of text or words. How do you feel about words?

A reason to not use personal words at the front can surely be, if you are selling cards or using cards as a gift and you don’t want to inhibit anyone from using the cards, as they wish or need.


Another reason could be, that you don’t know to whom or in which occasion, you are going to use the card, you are making. Some cardmakers put alot of cards together in advance without text and when the cardmaker wants to use a card, he or she makes a suiteable text and stick it on the chosen card. That’s super smart and well-prepared! But I’m not a very well prepared kind of person and I mostly like to make the card very personal – both when it comes to color, design, style – and text.

When I refer to words or text on the front of a card or tag, I don’t mean that kind of writing some design papers have as part of the design or as the card abov, on which I stamped text on as a part of the background.  I mean the words, text etc.  you put on the front of the card as a personal greeting to the recipient. And I’m crazy about making beautiful, cool or fun words and texts with especially dies. The more special and personal the better and yes please, the same words in different fonts and sizes.

To me words instantly create mind-pictures and feelings. A christmas card with a line from a loved christmas song or cozy christmasy words, then the christmas barometer rises big time.

Or decorate with a meaningful sentense from the design paper.

Also the style and the font of the letters can enhance the style and the feel of the card. Letters can be beautiful, squiggly and swirled like ivy – or cool, bold and edgy like cleft rocks etc. In this way the letters becomes part of the decor.

To use the letter magic to the fullest, it’s fun to play with the structure, materiale and coloring of the letters. I like to diecut my text out of heavy cardstock to make them sturdy and outstanding – or diecut the word several times and glue them together – perhaps in two different colors or in mirror card and a matching color and then offset the two layers a bit.


Another dimension around words and text is what to place them on – could be signs, banners, frames, flags etc. This too enhances the look of the card and can be used as a part of the decor.

But sometimes it’s better not to! This card I made for my sweet mother and I couldn’t find the right size tekst and words – and I didn’t have the world to choose from, but I just had to have a word on – I shouldn’t have! This time it would have been nicer without.

But I’m still in love with words – and most certainly have to have more word dies! A wonderful day full of beautiful, magical and powerful words  to you – perhaps some of them on cards!