Coloring on a Budget

Coloring with markers is very popular, but to be honest it can also be expensive. Especially if you need markers with different color tones. In this article I will show you how to color stamped images with something many of us have laying around in our craft rooms – watercolors!

I have some old Twinkling H2O’s which I often use for coloring stamped images. I decide for one color to use for each of the different parts of the image. For example yellow for the suit. I adjust the hue by adding more or less water to the paint and by doing this I am able to make some part of the trousers lighter while other parts (shadows) are a bit darker.

By coloring the images by adjusting the hues by the amount of water you use you do not need so many different colors to paint your images.

After I am done painting with watercolors I use watercolor pencils to enhance the shadows in the image. I also often use watercolor pencils to make shadows around the motifs. You can see how it looks like in the photo below.

Sometimes I also use a white marker to highlight parts of the image after the paint has dried. In the photo below you can see how the cheeks has been highlighted using a white marker. The image on this card has been painted using the same technique as described above.

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