This is my year to sparkle

This is my year to sparkle - close up

In scrapbooking, much like in fashion, trends come and go, but if they are good – like metallic flakes – they will come back eventually.  

Type of project: Mixed media but also all sorts of projects
Occasion: Glitter, gold and metallic
Style: Artsy details
Techniques used: Metallic Flakes, Gilding Flake, Mega-Flake
Decoration: Gold and glitter
Main colour: Gold, silver, bronze

Many years ago, I bought a kit with Mega-flake and FlitterGlu. The kit consisted of a special type of sticky glue and small pieces of metallic flakes that you could add to your artwork. The kit also came with a sponge that you could use as a glue-pad and use your stamps to achieve glitter motifs.


Mixed media artist has used this over the years but I had forgotten all about this until I went to a class with Finnabair where we used the same type of metallic flakes, in blue, green and silver. Then my Secret Santa brought me a big jar of Gilding Flakes. This must be a sign that this is my year to sparkle!

This is my year to sparkle - close up flakes

The class with Finnabair was so much fun and I really love what I created. Still that is quite far from my normal art style and I feel like I have to find my own way of using the gold and glitter on my art. As this was a class, all credit for the design goes to Finnabair of course.

This is my year to sparkle - close up
This is my year to sparkle - close up

I searched my scrapboxes and found my old kit, which still works fine, still I decided to try the Finnabair Gliding glue to compare the function with the FlitterGlu. They are very similar. I have used the flakes on Art Journaling, Tags and ATC-cards. Using stamps, dubbelsidig tape or by just adding the Gliding Glue on free hand before the metallic flakes.

This is my year to sparkle - close up
This is my year to sparkle - close up

It is so easy to use. Just add some glue. Make sure it has dried to transparency before you add the metallic flakes. Use your hand to push down the flakes. Then you use a dry soft brush and carefully brush away the excess glitter. Voilà you have a lovely, sparkling, glittery piece of art!


This is my year to sparkle - close up with paint
This is my year to sparkle - close up
This is my year to sparkle - close up
This is my year to sparkle - close up

If you want to stamp you add some glue to a sponge, for example the distress tool sponge, and add to your stamps. Make sure you clean the stamp immediately and carefully with water not to ruin it.

You can also use the flakes as they are attaching them to acrylic paint on your artwork like I showed on the process photos above.

Now I have glitter all over my scrap studio, but who cares? Life is better when you are covered in glitter anyway!

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