Review of Double Joy Fold Card

Review of Double Joy Fold Card - Card front

One of the things that makes cardmaking so fun is all the folding techniques. There are so many of them that a cardmaker will have a hard time trying them all. That is why I am in a series of articles will review some of the most popular card folding techniques. Today I am reviewing a card folding technique called “Double Joy Fold Card”.

The Pros

Double Joy Fold Cards are, as the name suggests, a card with two folds. Usually you mount an image on each of the folds, just like you attach an image to the fold of a single Joy Fold Card. On the inside you can choose to make a cut in the side panels as you see an example of there: Joy Fold Card

This type of card is easy to decorate as long as you remember to have rather flat decorations on the inside. The card folds nicely together and, somewhat depending on the decorations, it can easily be sent by mail.

The inside of the card offers quite a big space for your greetings.


The double Joy Fold Card is more unique than a single Joy Fold Card, and that increases the chance of the receiver not having seen this type of handmade card before.

The Cons

The card can be a bit hard to keep closed as it tends to open by itself. It can therefore be useful to attach ribbons or magnets to help keep it closed. This is also the reason why the card have to be decorated with flat embellishments except from on the front.

Although you can use the images you want to on the front side of the card the images usually fits together. On my card I have chosen to use two owls (“Freebies” made by Emma Parrish which you can download: Paper News in January). That means that you have to plan for that when making a Double Joy Fold Card.

When to make a Double Joy Fold Card

Double Joy Fold Cards can be made for any occasion. Maybe it would be nice to have a romantic couple on the front – with the partners on each of the folds – making a wedding or Valentines Card?

The Double Joy Fold Card is suitable for both children and adults.

Other’s Opinions

The ones I have shown the card to think it was a special and mysterious card. You could see that it was folded and that there were different dimensions. It was fun to see how the card folds out revealing the layers.



An alternative to making a Double Joy Fold Card is to make a single one. Here is an example of that: Wedding Card

Trishutter Cards looks a bit like Double Joy Fold Card, but is a bit more complicated to make: Trishutter Card


Double Joy Fold Cards are easy to make and cheap to mail. Still, they are also elegant and decorative.

  • Design of this type of card: 4/5
  • Usefulness – room for greeting and how the card can be displayed: 5/5
  • Difficulty making this card (1 being most difficult): 4/5
  • WOW-effect: 3/5

Totally I give the Double Joy Fold Card 4 out of 5 points.

With so many card folding techniques around it is almost impossible to know who did come up with this idea first. If you know who invented the Double Joy Fold Card I will be happy to give credits.