Making No-Waste Flowers

Making No-Waste Flowers

That scrappers have a ton+ of paper scraps, have to be a law of nature. All theese little pieces of paper – too small for a new project – and too big, too pretty or too cool to throw away. But pretty soon, you are drowning in paper scraps. Do they have to go to waste or….?

Oh no no, that would be so sad.
Off course cards made out small remains of paper from other projects are not a new concept, but here’s something, that is so satisfying to me. Making 3D flowers out of all my pretty scraps – or my not-so-pretty mishaps or failed ideas.


I gather all my 3D flower dies and some snow flake dies (cute to put in fx. a Christmas flower) and then all kinds of paper scraps – design paper, – paper colored with color powder, water color, all kinds of ink,  alcohol ink and even paper with heat embossing or foiling gone wrong. And then I die cut all the flower parts, I can make room for on every little piece of paper  – without any consideration for of whether the colors looks good together or whether the motif on the paper is brick, text, Christmas trees or whatever. And all kinds of structure can be used – even cardboard that I have subjected to embossing folders, but for some reason don’t like. Or some messed up heat-embossing cardstock – or ugly-foiled. It all looks totally different, when molded into a flower.

After a die cutting a whole blizzard of flower leaves, the true fun kicks in. Now it’s time to create flowers!

I dig out my modelling tool set and use this and my fingers to shape and mold the leaves. And when I choose which parts, I put together, I don’t care much about, which leaves come from the same die set or whether the leaves are placed in the right order or any other wise advice – I only care, what looks good to me.

I use glitter, micro beads, dots and half beads to make the middle of the flower etc. And I use markers, inks etc. to highlight edges. And used foil with a little foil left, I put on top of the leaves and rub the left over foil on the leaves. Off course it doesn’t make a solid layer, but gives a bit of sparkle.

I make both big extravagante flowers and more neutral flowers. I also try to make som sets of flowers, which can be used together.

It’s soooo much fun and feels so good. And then I have alot of ready flowers for later projects – perhaps together with a few plain colored flowers made for the occasion.

I wish you such a happy day – perhaps with making paper scraps into a flower blizzard.