Sue’s miniature Craft Room

Sue's miniature Craft Room

Have you ever thought of making your own craft room in miniature? Sue from United Kingdom has done just that and was highly recommended for her miniature replica at Linda Eaton Craft Awards in Blackpool.

The first photo in this gallery shows Sue’s craft room in original size. The other images are of the miniature replica of the craft room. It looks like the four ladies are having a great time trying out new folding techniques.


Sue is a 74 year old who retired at Christmas. She is a lifelong crafter of cardcraft, painting, jewellry making, knitting and crochet. Sue loves adventure hence doing over 1000 skydives.

Today she sticks to her specially built craft room and chill whenever she can. Sue has taught card craft for years now and volunteer at the local childrens hospice.

Every year in her home town of Blackpool UK the Linda Eaton Craft Awards is held. There are hundreds of entries over six categories. Sue has entered from 2015 and usually comes away with one or more awards. Last year she was runner up with a dolls house constructed and furnished completely from card. The craft room is a part of the doll house.