Why your Handmade Cards should tell a compelling story!


Hi there. Today I am going to share with you some of my own reasons ( I create many personalised projects). So come along as I share with you my latest card which has an intriguing short story of its own…Hope you enjoy!


Greeting cards are creative expressions which convey messages between two or more persons “From me to you”.  They usually centre around themes of Birthday, Sympathy, Thanks, Congrats and much more. Today’s cards are changing…the greetings are no longer simple. They are quotes, play on words, multiple greetings and more.  This means that your designs need to evolve as well. Your designs need to tell a compelling story.


A Positive Response

Every greeting card that tells a compelling story, receives a positive response (from both the sender and the recipient). Why you ask?….   because people respond favourably once a design is cohesive, well composed and beautifully rendered.

They recognise that considerable thought, time and care went into the careful design and wording of the project.

Today’s Digital Age

In today’s digital age… isn’t it still comforting to touch something  tangible? Something that inspires you and will always do so for the life of the paper craft design… so make it special! This takes me to my third point…

Make it a Keepsake

….Let your design become a keepsake! This is what l never get tired of doing for my customers….. I always try to add something special which lead my customers to say “ This card is a keep sake!”  If you let recipients see their personality in the project through the use  of favourite colours, selective imagery and design style, it means more to them… it ‘tugs on their heart strings’ .

Knowing that you have boosted someone’s happiness will boost yours as well! So now that I have told you my why… Are you ready to see my latest card…?


Well…there I was sitting in the verandah..in front of my limited art supplies. (I am away from home). Trying to figure out what I wanted to draw for my next article….. Suddenly I heard a shout from next door….

Looking across,  I briefly glimpsed… (I did not want to be rude and stare lol), the next door neighbour and two friends. They were sitting in his front garden under banana trees.  I could not make out their words but I could tell they were having a great time. (Caribbean people spend a lot of time outdoors in the good weather)


My first thoughts were  …oh how I would love to capture some aspect of that scene …. Dare I draw a banana tree…can I even draw one  (I’ve never done so) and give it life…give it colour lol…Wasn’t even sure if that was the story I wanted to tell. So I started to think about some of the things we do with the banana tree besides using it for shelter….

We cook and eat its fruits (there are many species) banana, plantain, green fig and more. With the leaves you can serve food on it during cultural events, and even wrap food in it….I am sure there are many more. But these are the ones that came immediately to mind.


I settled on drawing one of the banana trees with a stool next to it (the stool that is in the yard is not in such good condition but hey ….they love it). Next, I  added the letters S I  T to the drawing. The letters are leaning on the stool. They represent the 3 guys and their relaxed positions.

The greeting I chose for the card is “Sit and stay a while!” To me that was the message I got from next door .


This is a great card to give to a good friend as 
1. An invite to your home. 
2. A means of cheering them up
3. A reminder to take time out of their busy lives 
4. A gentle nudge to stop and appreciate the world around  
5. A going-away card for someone heading to the Caribbean for a holiday.


I drew a rough sketch of the tree and stool with the word “SIT” , up against it. Rendered with copic markers and coloured pencils. Next I added strips of black card stock for embellishment ( cutting with a scissors can be challenging). Then I matted it on blue cards tock and then to my white card front. The greeting “Sit and Stay a while” was matted onto black card stock and adhered to the scenic background.  Here is a run down of the materials used.


Card stock: white, black and blue

Prismacolor pencils- 949,928, 910, 1005, 1084, 943, 901, 1083, 1083, 1051,    1065, 989, 912,1003, 948, 938, 913, 937, 997, 1027, 1056, 1006, 1023, 935, 902, 906, 903, 908, 909, 994, 1060,945, 919

COPIC- Y08,BG05, Y17, Y11, FRV1, R85, R83, G28, BG02, G24, B28, R22, R24, R39