A Few IKEA Craft Room Cost-Effective Favorites

Hello there! Thank you for joining me today for an article sharing with you a few of my favorite IKEA craft room cost-effective favorites for the girly factor and mobility.

My craft room is all IKEA from the office, kitchen, and home decor departments. I’m a total minimalist and live in 907 sf cottage. I don’t have room for clutter and don’t want it, so I make sure that every piece I have has the secondary purpose of storage. In the craft room, I like to be inspired with color, beauty, and convenience. Here is a link to my craft room video.


Since I do have a small cottage, I utilize my vertical space but don’t clutter it up. I would like to share with you 3 of my favorites today that I utilize in my craft room. I have more that I will share with you at a later date in detail if you would like; however, the video link above gives you the entire tour.

Creators are visual people and I know that if I can see the products I have on board out of a drawer, I’m more inclined to use them.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not affiliated with nor earn an affiliate commission with IKEA. I just like their products. My IKEA craft room has gone through a cross-country move and is now 7 years old still looking beautiful and functional.


This cart is phenomenal with new color choices or you can spray paint this to coordinate with your craft room. It is very mobile, holds a lot of stuff, and now there’s a coordinating cutting board to place on the top. This product can be used for office or kitchen. The cutting board is great because it allows me a moveable solid surface with the board and cart wheels with the added bonus of being able to store products under the cutting board. The cart and cutting board are very sturdy with the board having a perfect fit. I generally keep my full-size die-cutting machine on top.

An important element to note is that when you are looking for an IKEA item on their website and find it, keep scrolling down because there will be coordinating and optional items or parts that you need for what suits you best, and also show you additional ideas how to use the product(s).

What I really love about this cart is the storage in the trays for general tools and supplies, but it’s especially helpful when you have simultaneous projects going on and you need to keep the products separated.

When the video was filmed, I did not have the current black Raskog; however, I did have one in the closet with a coordinating divider.


I love my picture ledges and have always used them to store my ribbon, which is something I do need to leave out to use and it’s just nice to look at with the ribbon in rainbow order.

This would also make another great display item to feature whatever your heart desires.

You can find this product in the home decor picture department.



Another favorite of mine is the curtain wire and clips. This is a fantastic display to hang your scrapbook pages, tags, cards, whatever you would like. This is a great visual cue as a self-reminder to put the scrapbook page in the book, store your tags, and to send out those cards!

I hope a few of these inexpensive items inspire you to rethink your space or repurpose what you currently have on board!

I started out my tenure with the magazine coloring that I would like to take deeper with you and now products and organization.