No Waste Flowers in action

In my latest article I described, how I make quirky, fun, extravagante, clean and simple, cute, christmassy or summery No Waste flowers out of all my paper scraps, but do they come to use or are they still ending up as waste?

Of course I would not start the article like this, if the answer was: “Yes, they are going straight into the bin”, but for sure it’s different, than having decided on a card design and then making the flowers to fit. With this kind of No Waste flowers, my way around putting them to use, is often by  letting the flowers decide the design of the card in stead off the other way around – at least when it comes to the more extravagant and special flowers. The more neutral flowers on the other hand are so great to have in store, when you have a 3D flower card in mind and are eager to start constructing and seing results. Both kinds of flowers are nice to have on hand – whether fun or practical.


Well, then let me show you some examples of cards decorated with No Waste flowers.

When I made the flowers out of wood design paper scraps and some scraps with shimmer, I got something like this look in my mind  – branches with flowers on.

I loved making these teal and brown flowers from paper scraps. Some of them are made out of white paper and then colored with markers – others out of design paper and the really fun part was playing around with different ways of making the center of the flower.
The flowers stayed in my flower box for quite a while untill I had made this background and the puzzle pieces fitted.
I make a lot of roses too and if the color of the paper is light, I like to color the edges with ink.And on this “muffin” the little neutral flowers made great filling.


The last one is with snowflake flowers. I love silver and frosty looks and by making No Waste flowers in colors, you love, you make automatically sure, they’ll end up being used.

I hope, this gave you taste for “making instead of wasting”. And having fun while doing so.

I wish you the most delightful day – perhaps with some paper scraps gathering!