A family tree on the birthday card

The family tree. There’s something beautiful about it. Two people. Their love. Their life together. Bearing fruit in children and grandchildren. Have you ever tried to visualize that in a card? 

Type of project: card
Occasion: birthday card for grandparents
Style: traditional
Techniques used: diecutting
Decoration: ephemera die cuts
Main colour: beige/natural
Media used: distress Watercolor pencils, embossing powder, patterned paper
Equipment used: dies

A couple of years ago my friend asked me to do a card for her parents. I can’t remember if it was for their anniversary or their birthdays but we decided it was nice to bring a family tree into the card. A picture of the couple in the middle and their children, spouses and grandchildren as hearts further out on the branches.


It was such a success that my friends sister in law now wanted a similar for her parents. On the front of the card I created a scene representing their joy and hobbies in life; their summer house in the archipelago, picking mushrooms and birdwatching. I cut a heart window to see through the photo of the old couple on the family tree. 

And this is how the family tree turned out on the inside. 

This was such a fun card to make and even though I never met Janne and Kersti it felt nice to spend some time with them in mind whilst making a very personalized card for them. I think it is a beautiful way to celebrate an old couple and their life together.