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Midweek Media-Use that Washi Tape!

I have a confession to make – I hoard Washi Tape. My kids actually have dragged me out of a local craft store because I was thinking of buying more. But I sometimes… no really most of the time… don’t use it and it just sits cheerfully mocking me. So today on Midweek Media, I decided to make two cards using washi tape to share some ideas about how to use it.

Card #1 – Using the same washi tape multiple times
Card with same washi tape used multiple times

This card features a rainbow washi tape that I added multiple times onto a piece of cardstock to make my own patterned paper. Since it has the same pattern over and over, it takes a back seat to the sentiment and the small cat that I added to the card for a coworker who is obsessed with cats. I decided to use the same purple glitter cardstock for the matte layer and sentiment to keep things simple and a dark gray gem mix to match wit the kitty.


The nice part of this card is that with a larger die cut or even trimming the edges of the cardstock with a paper trimmer afterwards makes a messy edge look really good.

This card came together rather quickly and I loved how it turned out.

Card #2 – Using different washi tapes
Card with different washi tapes

This card’s focus is on the washi tape as I used ten different styles and colors in an attempt to make a rainbow pattern. To keep the focus on the washi tape, I used a large sentiment die but used black and white specialty papers to minimize the distractions. I used the same dark gray gem mix on this card. Again, I used the same black cardstock on the matte die cut layer behind the washi tape to keep the focus on the tape.

I hope these cards inspired you to dig through your washi tape stash and use them to make a few cards!