Wedding Invitations

Do you, or someone you know, plan to get married this summer? Then I am sure you will get inspired by Mie from Denmark’s beautiful wedding invitations!

Type of project: Flip card
Occasion: Wedding Invitations
Style: Very much my style when making cards. Don’t know what it’s called. It’s probably a bit romantic here. Techniques used: Only dies are used for the whole thing.
Embellishments/decoration: Nuvo drops. Various dies for the heart, branches and bride and groom, can’t remember the brand. Simple and Basic dies: SBD 175, SBD121,  SBD175, SBD134, SBD126, SBD107.
Main colour: Pink, green and white.


Description of the project?
Wedding invitations.

How is the project made?
All parts are cut from dies, then glued together.

Size of the project?
The circle is 13 centimeters in diameter and the card is approx. 15*15 centimeters.

What kind of materials are used?
Bazzill cardboard, glitter cardboard, mother-of-pearl cardboard and patterned cardboard from Maja design.

How long did it take to make the project?
Since there are 40 invitations and 1320 parts had to be cut out and glued together, it took about 40 hours in total with purchases.

What inspired you to make this?
I had a visit from the bride and groom and they wanted something unconventional for the invitation. We talked about which colors and showed a little about decorations for the card. Showed them a confirmation card that I made according to the same principle and they wanted me to try to make a draft and that I had free hands. So I tried my hand until I was satisfied. And it was then approved by the bride and groom.