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Coloring on Patterned Paper

Hello there! Thank you for joining me today for a tutorial on how to color on patterned paper with colored pencils and alcohol markers.

This is so easy to do and brings an entirely different element and look to any project that you are in control of and can customize to your papercrafting.

I used three distinctly different papers to share with you some of the versatile patterned paper on the market using neutral colors. You can also spice up colored patterned paper using regular markers and your imagination.


The sky is the limit with this simple technique using whatever color medium you prefer.

On the left side of the paper, I used colored pencils and on the right side of the paper, alcohol markers were used.

I kept the coloring simple for you using only one color in the large line art but added more of the same color to shade.


This 6 x 6 panel is black and white line art patterned paper with light gray shading printed onto the paper. I worked around this and my coloring enhanced the gray shading, especially on the right alcohol marker side using red and green colored pencils and alcohol markers.

I also colored in one flower with a gray colored pencil and alcohol marker for a colorful neutral.

If you do not have alcohol markers on board, regular colored markers will work just as well.

Anytime you use colored markers on paper that is not formulated for taking on the color concentration, I never color all the way over to the edge because I know the color will spread on its own, and I always use a light hand.

The creative potential is endless with coloring and don’t be afraid to experiment.

I left parts free of color on my paper so you can see the difference. This paper can stand all on its own after you color it with a sentiment adhered atop and other embellishments as you see fit.

With this panel, you can even color in the white background behind the flowers to accentuate even more.


For this panel, I colored in geometric shapes with bright orange, blue, and purple, which completely transforms this patterned paper into something completely different. The small shapes are more of an accent than a statement compared to the above and below panels, but still can be used as a secondary focal point.

All of the panels colored for you today would be perfect using the “spotlight technique.”

Below is an example of a “spotlight technique” card that I made a very long 12 years ago, where you stamp the image once onto a card base or image panel and again on another piece of paper that you color in. During your assembly process, you overlay your stamped and colored image directly atop of the stamped image on your card base or panel.



Our last panel has bright green, yellow, and light orange as our colors. There is a two-tone brown script background with the white open areas of the flowers colored in for an fully covered and colored panel.

I find coloring very relaxing and a good way to burn off a little steam; not to mention discovering different techniques.

I hope you enjoyed today’s coloring tutorial and please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit and have a great day!