We asked you: Are you making Easter Projects?

Easter is coming up and some cardmakers and papercrafters are busy making Easter Cards and decorating eggs. We asked the papercrafters if they are making Easter Projects this year.

This year, like the last 5 years, I will make tags with happy hares on them and send them to friends and strangers. I like to surprise. It’s nice to be able to please someone like that out of the blue. Otherwise, some toffees with the same motif and give to Gloppen Janitsjar’s Easter bazaar, as year-round prizes. I am an Easter child and feel more for this holiday than Christmas.

Audhild Bogstad
Easter Tags made by Audhild Bogstad

Monica Uthuslien Larsen

This year I don’t have time due to a new job and moving. I usually make up some Easter cards to decorate Easter eggs that I give away.


I use to make a little each year. I made some projects for Easter last year. Was at an Easter market outside. It was too cold and windy. Stupid with paper then. This year I will make some bottle hiders, 200 chocolate cards, toffee boxes, milk chocolate heart boxes and maybe some cards. I have some undecorated cardboard eggs lying around, so I guess they will also be decorated. I will use this for sale at the Christmas market at the rheumatism association. We intend to have some Easter items too, not just Christmas this year. I use to send a card to a good friend and to our grandchildren. They have had eggs for many years. Second youngest grandchild 10 years old, said a few years ago. “Grandmother knows the Easter Bunny” How delightful. Have to fill the eggs for him and his little brother every year then.

Anne Jansson

Nettie Sellin

I make boxes instead of decorating eggs for Easter.

Easter Box made by Nettie Sellin

I’m making an Easter card for a challenge. But other than that I’m not doing any Easter things we don’t celebrate it at my house.

Anna York

Featured photo: Stefan Schweihofer, Pixabay