Craft Room Desktop Organization

Hello there! Thank you for joining me today to share with you three of my favorite cost-effective and attractive desktop organizers that can be found at any international container, home organization store or through online shopping. Two have common names that can be Googled and used for almost any purpose in your home with the other being a brand name.

You will see these tools on my craft desk in the video that I shared with you last month. I love their compact styles and storage capabilities without a cluttered look. I hope this helps you get organized and provides you inspiration.


These are all very sturdy and inexpensive tools that I’ve had for well over 5 years and have survived a cross-country move.


The Boon St0re has several organization options and this holder is something I can’t imagine living without. I know that sounds dramatic. Since this older is plastic, you can easily customize it yourself to fit any decor.

What I really like about this holder is all 9 slots have various width and height so you can clearly see everything you have stored. Having this right in front of me with all of my crafting necessities is so convenient versus opening and closing a drawer without the cluttered look.

The Multi-Room Stash Organizer is a fashionable way to stash your stuff. It can be used on a countertop or can be hanged on the wall. This multi organizer looks good in any room of the house and stores everything in easy-to-find compartments.


Another organizational tool that I use is also multi-functional is a basic spinning utensil holder. This, too, has multi-level slots of various or uniform sizes. This is taller than the B0on Holder and houses my larger crafting staple items of scissors, rulers, staplers, tweezers, stamp cleaner, and other basics.

The style, size, and material can greatly vary amongst this tool and one is sure to fit your needs. Mine is a wooden holder, but I’ve seen them available in stainless steel and plastic.


This little beauty dates back a century or so to keep cooking salt close to your stove. For cooking salt storage, ceramic or clay lidded storage is the best, which I might switch up to for aesthetic purposes, but my plastic one is fine for my needs with the closable lid. This gadget keeps my stamp cleaning cloth moist for at least a week, is small, and easily accessible.

I hope you enjoyed today’s article and we would love for you to share your desktop organization!