Design Tips For Your April Birthday Cards

Did you know that every month of the year has its own birth flower and birth stone? When making birthday cards it can be a nice gesture to decorate the card with paper flowers and “gems” which resembles the actual birth flowers and birth stones. In April daisies are the birth flowers while crystal is the birth stone.

  • Type of project: Card
  • Occasion: Birthday
  • Techniques used: Coloring, Fussy Cutting
  • Decoration: Paper Flowers, Bling, Die Cuts, Button
  • Main color: White/Pink


Crystal, of which you see a picture here, is a hard mineral that is shiny and glassy.

I have tried to reflect crystal on the two round buttons that are joined with the flowers.

Four of the flowers on the card are meant to resemble daisies, which you see in the picture below. The yellow flowers were put together with the “daisies” to create more variety in the card while having the same color as the yellow on the daisies.

In May, I’m back with a new card inspired by monthly flowers and monthly stones. If you were inspired to make something yourself, please send me pictures. You can send photos to: editor@thepapercrafting.com – then we’ll feature them in TPC Magazine.

Photo: Marit Pedersen
Optimusius1, Pixabay (Tusenfryd), License: CC0, Public Domain
Didier Descouens, Wikimedia (Krystall), License: CC BY 3.0