A Fiddle Box for a Wedding

I have finally found the time and inspiration to complete this fiddle box. It took some time before I agreed with myself how I wanted to design this. Both in terms of colors and decorations. Sometimes it takes longer than you think. It might be called the creative process.

  • Type of project: Gift box
  • Occasion: Wedding
  • Style: Shabby Chic
  • Techniques used: Stamping, Die cutting
  • Decoration: Flowers, Pearls, Cheese Cloth
  • Main color: Pink


The starting point for this box is an old Mozart chocolate box. I took the box apart and drew the parts on a strong cardboard. Then I glued the parts together again. I often tend to take care of special boxes, those are nice to keep.

The gold sheet is glued on top of the cardboard, then I camouflage the glue surface. To make the part with the decorative sheet a little smaller, I subtracted 2mm from the whole and cut it. I did the same with the part at the bottom and on the inside of the lid.

In the neck I have glued 4 pearls through which I have threaded gold thread. Between the gold cardboard and the pattern sheet I have put some cheese cloth. The edges are dubbed with a little white gesso. I have found some hidden green leaves which I have used together with a rose and two doves. They are also dubbed with white gesso, in addition I have had some glitter on pink.

On the other side, I’ve used a lot of flowers, I’ve let it abound a bit. As the box is a bit large, I could also use some large flowers here. The flowers are dubbed with white gesso before I sprinkled on gold glitter. Tuck some leaves underneath and attached a string of pearls around and above the flowers. Finally I glued on the pigeons.
In the middle I attached a small doily that I punched out. The text is made as a small banner, rolled the ends before I glued it on.

Underneath the flowers, I attached a long triangle where I made four notches. The gold thread that runs from the pearls is fixed in each notch so that it gives the feeling of strings. The thread was glued and I tightened it by making a knot at the end.

This is the inside of the lid of the fiddle. The edges, flowers and leaves have also been dubbed here with white gesso. The text is stamped on a small remnant of the pattern sheet.

A zoom of the text inside.

This is the bottom of the box. It is covered with gold cardboard. Here I have used string of pearls around the edge. Stamped text on a heart punched out of a scrap. Decorated with flowers in various sizes and colours. White gesso and gold glitter here too.

It’s fun when you find things you haven’t used for a long time, like these green leaves. As usual, I punch out what I need, but it’s nice to use up some of what was bought once in a while. I’m not very good at throwing away, so it’s a bit in a few jars here and there.

The box can be used as a plain card or a gift box.