Orange – Joy and Pleasure

Orange is not among the most popular colors to use for paper crafters. In a poll with over 800 votes in TPC’s Facebook group only 2 percent stated that they preferred to use this color when paper crafting. Orange is associated with positive feelings like joy and pleasure and is a popular color for spring, easter, fall and Halloween projects.

  • Color Category: Secondary Colour/Warm Colour
  • Complementary Color: Blue
  • Color Mixing: Red/yellow
  • Symbolism: Orange has the same characteristics as yellow and does also bring warmth and light. Orange can improve your mood and give you more energy. Orange also stimulates you appetite and brain activity. 
  • Positive Characteristics: Joy, movement, pleasure.
  • Negative Characteristics: Unrest.
  • Associated styles: Retro


Mood Board

We have put together a Mood Board. Hopefully it can inspire you to make a card or a layout in this joyful color?

Photos: Thanks for your Likes, Orsi Oletics Herczog,
Photo Mix, Couleur, pkong88, David Mark, Pixabay