The Romantic Album

A couple of months have gone since Valentines Day and maybe you did take some photos or have some treasured memories from February 14th? In that case an album like Dorota’s beautiful and romantic version is a perfect way to save your photos.

  • Occasion: for all romantic women’s occasions
  • Style: romantic
  • Techniques used: scrapbooking and mixed media
  • Decoration: Flowers
  • Main colour: Red, green, white
  • Media used: acrylic paint, watercolor paint
  • Equipment used: Typical tools of every scraper


Can you describe the project?
Album made using the scrapbooking technique

What is the size of your project?
22 x 17 x 5 cm

What kind of materials did you use?
49andMarket – scrapbooking paper, die cuts, clear die cuts, ephemera, base for album Additionally: I made flowers myself, leaves, white acrylic paint, watercolor paper, watercolor paints

How much time did you use for making this?
4 hours

What inspired you to make this?
Beautiful collection from 49andMarket

Do you have a blog or social media account where we can see more of what you are making?
Yes of course!
Facebook: artdorota
Instagram @art_dorota
Dorota Kotowicz Blog art-dorota.blogspot.com

A little about me:
My name is Dorota and I come from Poland. I have been living in the US state of Georgia for several months. Scrapbooking is my great hobby and my job. I love making cards, albums and other art objects, whatever I make it will be always layered and detailed. I am drawn to vintage, shabby chic styled crafts which I love to create. I also appreciate the talents of mixed media artists and love the variety of styles and textures that it produces. I am always inspired to learn and try new techniques in both teaching and my crafts. I have been giving scrapbooking workshops for the past years.

Photos: Marek Kotowicz