Paper Talk with Marie from France

Marie from Lyon in France has been scrapbooking for 15 years and she makes the most wonderful layouts. I love the ways Marie captures the mood in the photos and transends it into the layouts using colors, design and embellishments.

Who are you? Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Marie-Noëlle Sabatier, but I present myself under the name of Marie Sabatier, more briefly… I am 60 years old, I live in Lyon in France, I was married, I have two children, boys, the eldest is a father of two children, Mia and Leo (which many people already know in photos because my layouts are mainly made with photos of my grandchildren). The youngest has also been in a relationship for almost 2 years. I have been an approved childminder since 2016, previously I worked as an accounting secretary. I started by babysitting my granddaughter born in 2015 and then I continued… currently I babysit 3 children from 0 to 3 years old.


When did you start with paper crafting? Why did you start paper crafting?
I have been scrapping for about 15 years, it was while doing creative fairs that I discovered a passion for this activity but I did not practice thoroughly right away because I lacked the time, the idea (how to start) and pictures. From 2016, no longer having an omnipresent professional obligation, I was able to start taking a more serious interest in scrapbooking. Unfortunately, here in France, scrapbooking is not as popular as in other countries and I couldn’t find what I wanted. That’s when I started surfing the internet and finding some ideas and especially what I wanted. Canada, Australia, United States, Poland and others. I discovered professional sites but also Design Team sites and then sites that offered online challenges and I started. I had to create a Facebook page to participate, the total unknown, but fortunately I already had perfect computer skills. I learned the techniques by viewing a lot of video via Youtube, I started buying supplies and papers abroad. In the meantime my first granddaughter Mia was born, this happiness… my daughter-in-law took and shared a lot of photos with me. So I did more and more challenges and I even got “winner” places. Until the day when I received a message in the middle of the night (because of the time difference with Australia) from Di Carling a great lady of scrapbooking who offered me to join the design team of 2Craftychipboard. My heart was pounding but I was afraid of not being up to it. I told her of my doubt but she thought that I could do it. After several exchanges, I accepted, I had to create a blog, I adapted to it, it took a lot of work but I got to the end. And to this day, I still thank her and am grateful to her. This year it will be 6 years that I am in the 2Craftychipboard team. Then my dream was to join the design team of 49 and Market I love this brand so much, there too I worked hard and it had a cost because in France this brand is hardly distributed, I had to supply myself abroad, I made layouts to distribute them on social networks by marking the brand in my articles, by liking the articles of their social networks and I applied three years in a row their call for design team and finally it happened. I joined the team in 2020, this year it will be 4 years. All my perseverance and hard work paid off. And finally I agreed to become Brand Ambassador of the AB studio brand it is also a very beautiful brand that allows me to differentiate my creations.

What’s the best thing about paper crafts?
For me, the best thing in scrapbooking is to highlight a photo, to embellish it, to make it talk and to create memories. And I love the paper so, so much while I scrap my head goes completely blank.

Have you made any mistakes while creating paper and would you like to talk about them?
I don’t know if I made mistakes when creating the papers, yes maybe at the beginning I tried techniques that didn’t suit me and that I didn’t like doing either, but to find out had to try. But no bigger mistake was to buy a lot of unnecessary materials and products. When you start, you think you need a lot of things, but you realize very quickly that you don’t.

What kind of paper projects do you do?
I’m a layout addict, I also like to make albums, tables and now I’m starting to do a little “art journaling” (which I mainly broadcast on Tik Tok) but I really want to do a journal but I’m a bit short of time.

How often do you craft?
About 2 layouts per weekend, which I prepare in the evening during the week.

Can you describe your style? Has your style changed since you started?
I think we say “American Style”, “Shabby Chic” and a bit of “Mixed Media”. No, I don’t think I’ve changed my style, but I don’t do technical work anymore, I prefer “Clean” layouts. However, I really like the layers and thicknesses. For my page backgrounds I often use rub-on transfer with stain patterns, writing which also replaces stamps and which also gives a mixed media effect.

Show us 3-5 of your favorite projects. Why are they your favorites?
Difficult to make a choice but reviewing all my creations are the ones that make me smile.

No. 1 “love” This layout is made with a photo of my granddaughter Mia and it was by posting it that Di Carling contacted me.

No. 2 “Memories of you” This layout is made with a photo of my youngest son. And it’s a wonderful memory.

No. 3 “Me and my Dad” This layout is made with a photo of my eldest son with his son, I really enjoyed creating it.

No. 4 “dream” This one was my biggest like success.

What inspires you?
Especially the photos, the colors, the beauty of the products, the desire to always create.

Is there anything in papermaking that you would like to learn?
Yes I want to learn how to make a diary, it’s not as simple as you think and I don’t know where to start. But I will try I already have the papers I want to use in my head.

Can you name five products/tools you can’t live without?
I’m not going to be very objective but I wouldn’t do without chipboards from 2Craftychipboard, wonderful products from 49 and Market, especially in their new product ranges, in particular rub-on transfer and washi tape which I’m totally addicted to, papers from AB studio, and from my PC.

What’s at the top of your wish list right now?
My wish is that it continues like this. And above all that I can still make magnificent scrapbooks of my grandchildren, who have become teenagers, adults and parents.

Who in the papercraft community would you like to meet “in real life”? Why?
The list is too long, I think, but the first person would be Di Carling as I told you at the beginning of our interview it was Di who allowed me to create more by offering me my first Design Team position and to blossom in my passion. Vanessa Tiberti of 2CraftyChipboard. Janene Meyerowitz from 49 and Market who always encouraged me to introduce myself as a Design Team. Aga Baraniak from AB studio and many more!

Can you describe your DIY room?
My scrap room is also used as a treatment room for the children I look after, but in the evenings and on weekends it belongs to me and I feel so good there. Everything is at your fingertips. The most complicated thing is to store the layouts.

Any other things you would like to mention in the presentation?
Thank you very much for allowing me to express myself on my passion and on my journey in the world of scrapbooking. And I also thank all the people who follow me and appreciate my creations.

Where can we find you? (Blog, website, social networks, etc.)
Blog: Scrap de toi
Facebook: Marie Sabatier
Instagram: mn.sabatier
Pinterest: marie
You Tube: Marie S
Tik Tok: mna69007
Crafty Chipboard: 2craftychipboard
49 and Market: 49andmarket
Instagram: ab.s.t.u.d.i.o