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Card Making Made Simple – Card Maps/Sketches

Life can be busy sometimes and stressful. It is most important in these times that you exercise your creativity to help keep your life in balance.

When I am the most stressed, it can be difficult to summon my creative energy to make something. I will sit at my craft desk and just stare at things, sometimes I will clean my work surface or organize things but when I really need to create, I need help.


I used Not 2 Shabby Shops, Spring Tulips, and Spring Gingham, 6×6 paper pads to create these cards with Maps from Kendra’s Card Challenge #9

You see, after a long day or week of working and making a million decisions and meeting everyone’s demands, I need someone to make the decisions for me. It’s called decision fatigue and it is real.

The American Medical Association, Nov. 21, 2019,What doctors wish patients knew about decision fatigue,ama-assn.org

I use card maps or sketches to make a lot of my cards. It keeps my decision fatigue low when I want to create but don’t know where to start.

What is a card map or a card sketch and how do I find them?
A card map or sketch is like a visual outline to create a card. For example, take any of the cards in the photo above and break it into its essential components and shapes.

Here is one example with basic shapes, you fill it in with your designer paper and/or colored cardstock, as you like. Create it exactly as you see it or add your own flare/interpretation. The center circle can be any shape you want, for example.

Here is another example of a sketch or map with more detail. This one includes the dimensions of each piece of paper. I can figure this out on my own most days but some days you just need to be told what to do and I appreciate that!

Here is another example that doesn’t give you dimensions but shows you what it can look like. You add your own papers and colors and images but this is less technical than the others and more of a visual inspiration.

To find other examples simply put ‘card maps’ or ‘card sketches’ into your favorite search engine and many examples will show up.

Amalia is on Youtube at Cool Cakes and Crafts with Amalia.