Outside the Box – Dream Catching

Are you good at thinking outside the box when you are making cards, layout or other paper projects? Creative thinking may be a challenge and in our new article series “Outside the Box” we are showing how others have managed to be creative in new ways.


Åshild from Norway has made a series of cards which made me think of dream catchers. I love the design and colors of her beautiful cards. The blue color reminds me of the color of turquoise navajo pearls.

I think this way of making cards or other paper projects is truly inspiring. You can let an artefact of some sort be your inspiration and design the look and colors of your project according to it.

The backgrounds on the cards are made with watercolor paint and grains of salt. Then Åshild has stamped various stamps around a circle, and some of them she used embossing powder on. And she has also drawn a bit on the cards. You can see more of Åshild’s gorgeous paperworks here: Kreativt uttrykk – små gleder