The Playful Style

The Playful Style is widespread and is likely to contain elements from several of the other styles in papercrafting. What sets Playful out as a style of its own is the childish, often humerous motives and the use of many colors in one project.


The Playful style can be used for all occasions, but is most often used on projects intended for children.


Mostly people and animals with happy expressions and big eyes. But cards within this style can also have objects as motifs or be made for adults. If they are the latter, the motif will preferably be humorous.


Shape and Patterns

Form cards in the form of different types of clothing, animals and figures are more common within this style than in other styles. No specific patterns.


No particular colour, but projects within this style are often colourful.


The decorations on projects within the “Playful” style are often colorful. Hearts are widely used, along with brightly colored buttons and flowers. But often you will be able to see that the motif is so eye-catching that the projects do not need much decoration beyond that.


The motifs are often stamped and colored. Many colors are often used on projects in this style.

Photos: Mimzy, Dorothe, Esi Grünhagen,
Pexels, jacqueline macou, Pixabay