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Washi tape – How do I use it?

Most of us have probably gone to the shop and found one or more fantastic Washi tape. Then we buy it, and perhaps another one, and we are left with lots and lots of pretty Washi tape. But how de we use it? In this article, you will get lots of ideas on how to use the Washi tape.



What is Washi tape?

Washi tape is a name for different colourful tapes with different patterns and colours. There are lots of different brands. The quality varies. In Norway, a lot of craft shops have limited amounts of washi tape. In countries like Japan, it’s another story. You get shops filled with washi tape.

Journaling & Washi tape

Journaling is a super way of writing down, paint or draw your thoughts, feelings or plans. There are no strict rules in journaling. Washitape is super for journaling.



Planner is also something that quite a lot of people do. You can plan, write and decorate. It’s a good way of working creative, when you don’t have much time. Washi tape is also super in the planner.



Washi tape is super to use to create background, for instance for tags. Here are some examples.


Washi-tape on cards

Quite a few yse washi tape as background on cards. There are so many ways to do this.



Washi tape is perfect for layouts, and sonething I use a lot. You can use it for simple layouts or more advances mixed media layouts.

Storage of Washi tape

There are lots of solutions for storage. Here are some examples:

Some also choose to put the washi tape onto acetate sheets, and have them in the planner, or as shown below, creating a seperate storage for these sheets.

Do you take the challenge to use some of your old washi tape?