Mother’s Day Gift

My mother loves green and white. I thought I would make a hydrangea branch for her, which I know she loves very much, but because I think green and white could be a bit boring, I added a small touch of old pink.

  • Type of project: Paper Flower
  • Occasion: Mother’s Day
  • Techniques used: Die Cutting, Coloring
  • Main colour: Green and White

Below you can see how I color the paper and when it dries up.


Then I cut it out in suitable sizes so that all the paper was used as much as possible so there was no waste, I punched out all my flowers on my electric machine and got about 800-900 small flowers out of it.

The process is long as you then have to shape the flowers and put them on stems.

I finally finished the first branch and need one more, each branch contains 200-250 small flowers and each branch I make is unique as all the small flowers are different.